What a mess!


Good Morning Overall Creek. Our view this morning.

First Week – Nov.16, 2015 – Nov.23, 2015

I wish I had taken some photos of the 5×10 storage area we had rented before we left for the new 5th Wheel.

We went from a 3,000 sq.ft. house to a 300 sq.ft RV.  We thought we had done a great job in getting ride of our STUFF.  We only had a 5×10 space left.

Well…., trying to find places for all of that STUFF was quit trying and kind of depressing.  We had paired down to what we thought was the bare minimum.

So we spent the first week with more trips to Goodwill and handing stuff off to friends and family.

20151123_144151 (2)

This is what is left to fit in the basement.  Cliff did a great job of organizing and it all FIT.  We decided we would purge again in 6 months.  I know I have too many clothes, but until we get out of this cold weather, it is really hard to decide.

This week is Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to see my Dad, my brother and Cliff’s family.

Our trip home


Nov.8, 2015 – Nov.14, 2015 After a week in Ocala, Florida picking up our new 5th Wheel, we headed back to Nashville to finalize everything at home.  First night was in Troy, AL at Deer Run RV Park.

We have stayed here before and know they have pull thru sites that are pretty level. Concrete pads.

Met a very nice couple from Canada on their way to Florida for the winter.  Of course, the question is always “Why are you heading back North”?  We even said the same thing about the RVs we saw heading North the week before.


Crossing the Tennessee River.


The view from our living room for the next 3 weeks.  But it is cold in Tennessee, early frost, so we need the fireplace.


Now it is time to unload the 5×10 and figure out how to make it all fit.