Blueberry Hill RV Resort

Give a big sigh of relief…. We made it to Blueberry Hill RV Resort in Bushnell, FL.  This place gives us a feeling of home.  This is where Cliff spent 2 months last winter, while I was home-bound in Nashville because of snow and ice. As soon as we got all set up, our friends showed up to welcome us back. How cool is that.  John, Sandy and of course, Coco.  Who is affectionately called “Brown Dog”.20151222_16012720151222_160225But let me back up to Tuesday morning.

On Monday, when it seemed nothing was going to get here.  I made reservations for Blueberry Hill.  We were supposed to arrive on Wednesday, but I got us in a day early.  I also made reservations to have the 5th Wheel weighed.

Okay, so Monday afternoon when they told us the brakes are in and they are taking the 5th Wheel Tuesday morning, of course I cancelled everything.

We had everything ready to move Tuesday morning at 8:30.  Our service guy comes over and lo and behold, they can not do the brakes today.  Not all of the parts came in.  Yes, the brakes and axles are here, but there are several other things to go along with it and those parts did not arrive.  And the factory is closed this week, so they don’t know when the additional parts will get here.

Cliff still wanted the camper washed before we left, so our guy said it would have it picked up and washed and we could leave by 10:00.

I got on the phone and got our spot back at Blueberry Hill and another reservation to have the 5th wheel weighed.  So we went to breakfast while the house got washed.

Hunter’s is a great place.  The parking lot is always full.20151222_08345120151222_083504

We got back to America Choice RV and no one was washing the RV.  Our guy got some guys on it.  Main thing was to wash the roof.

We left at 11:30.  Our appointment to have the RV weighed was 11:15.  Thank you to Al Peterson for being so patience.  He was a expert at the SmartWeigh.  We passed another beautiful farm between Ocala and Bushnell.20151222_110743-1

This is our house being weighed.20151222_12195420151222_122006

On Cow Patty Road20151222_122200_001

So Al proceeded to tell us that we are overweight.  We knew that part, but what about our house?  Yes, your house is overweight too.  We need to upgrade something on the truck to make it work.  So we are going to the Ford dealer next week and get that taken care of.

So that pretty much explains why we were so excited to see John and Sandy and get a feeling that we really are living the RV dream. Check out our little Christmas decorations behind Sandy.20151222_160127

Today, Cliff and Sandy will be playing Shuffleboard.  Tonight we go to the VFW for Taco salad.  Thursday is a trip to Hard Rock Casino. Sunday is Pickleball and Monday is Bingo.

We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sandy and I are already planning our Christmas meal and Blueberry is having a party for New Years.

Be safe in your travels, love on your families and friends and remember to dream Big.

I wanted to add some photos of the little Christmas decorations we have.  Some of you are not going to believe this, but we are having another yard sale in the RV Resort.  You can see a few items below the snowman. The cute outdoor sign came from Jennifer Schoonover Fournier.20151223_10214720151223_102209



Sunday – RV Dealer Closed

Let me catch you up on a few things, then I will get to the pictures.

So we are still here at Wild Frontier RV Park, behind America Choice RV dealer.  Been here since Wednesday Dec. 16, 2015.  When we purchased this new 5th Wheel and picked it up in early November, we were told it had disc brakes.  We get here and no disc brakes.  Dealership said they would order them.  “You guys go back to Nashville, gather your things, come back mid-December and we will put those disc brakes on”.

We started calling the dealership on Monday Dec. 7th to make sure the brakes are in and ready for us to arrive.  No brakes. It took until Wed. Dec. 9th to get the owner on the phone.  He assured us that the brakes are on order.  We also had a fantastic fan that did not work, trim in the bedroom banged up, decal torn on outside of unit and trash can drawer slide broken – all of this was written up Nov.12th and supposed to be here when we came back in December.

We arrive midday on Wed. Dec. 16th. and arranged for the 5th wheel to be picked up the next morning.  Thursday Dec.17th, they came to get the 5th wheel and took it to the shop.  I now have a new list of 22 new items that need to be fixed.  Main thing is the power cord reel will not work, It quit working before we got back to Nashville. Everything else is kind of small stuff, like the ceiling fan knocks, the electrical outlet on the outside will not let you plug anything in, we did not get a lock for the refrigerator door, etc.  You get the picture.

We go to the main sales office on Thursday and guess what – No brakes yet!!   The owner said they are to arrive in the back of a DRV Fullhouse that is being delivered from the factory to go to the Tampa SuperShow.  They are expecting it to arrive Friday afternoon.

We get back from sightseeing on Thursday and they only fixed the trim in the bedroom and we got our old recliners back.  No decal and no Fantastic Fan.  They ordered the correct fan, manufacturer shipped the wrong one.

Friday Dec. 18. Our service guy said almost everything on my list of 22 has been approved as a warranty item and they will get all the parts on order. We wait around all day waiting for the DRV Fullhouse to arrive with our brakes.  Oh, but no arrival happened.

Saturday Dec.19  Our tech is to come to our 5th wheel and fix what he can on my list of 22 items, which by now has grown to 25.  He fixed 5 items.  They had to take pictures of the other things that don’t work and order parts.  WOW!  Not sure why they did not take pictures on Thursday when they had the unit all day and the list.

The techs only work until noon on Saturday, so nothing else was going to get fixed.  So we went to lunch at Cliff’s favorite place in Ocala.

Aunt Fannie’s – I think we have been here at least 4 times so far.  They have everything and I mean everything.  This place is packed all day long.  If you ever go, their chicken salad is probably the best I have ever had, except for Jennifer Fournier‘s. We have had breakfast food, grilled salmon, baked chicken, and chicken salad.  All good and they are fast and friendly.20151219_115458Now off to see Cliff’s friends he made last year in Bushnell at Blueberry Hill RV Resort.  This is a very nice RV resort and Cliff loved it and made some very good friends including John and Sandy.  We kind of surprised them. Sunday was a chilly day in Florida.  It was 38 when we got up, but the sun came out and it was beautiful, but a little breezy.20151219_144729

We can’t wait to get back to Blueberry Hill for a couple of weeks and spend some time with friends.

Sunday December 20, 2015.  Crosspoint Church does not go live until 10:30 eastern standard time, so we had time to do some house cleaning.  Now we are ready for church.  And we love Pete at Christmas.  He loves this time of year.  We love

After church, we decided to go sightseeing on the west coast of Florida.  We headed down Hwy 200 to Homosassa Springs.  After we ate at Aunt Fannie’s, of course.  We went through Hernando to Inverness, then Hwy 44 to Lecanto, then Hwy 490 to Homosassa Springs to Homosassa.  Went to the Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins, which is an Historic State Park on the National Register of Historic Places.20151220_12370320151220_123807David Levy Yulee had a 5,100 acre Sugar Plantation here that operated between 1851-1864.  It was just on the side of the road.  Kind of cool. Then we headed to Crystal River, Manatee Haven.20151220_13122320151220_13172320151220_132002The manatees roam all through these waters.  We were on this bridge and 5 manatees just swam under the bridge, we missed them, of course.  But the canals are beautiful through here. This might be Cliff’s favorite place so far.  We headed to Hunter Springs Park.  A city park where you can put in your kayak or paddleboard and hang out with the manatees.20151220_13321120151220_133509And look at this guy’s house with the garage for his boat!!20151220_133358All of this is called Kings Bay that goes to Crystal River.  We drove around and saw some very beautiful homes.  We went to the Crystal River State Park, but it was closed on Sunday. 20151220_140408So we went back to the Homosassa/Crystal River Moose Lodge.  We have heard so much about this lodge, because they have RV parking. We traded license plates and gave them alittle money and headed back to Ocala.20151220_142110

Monday December 21, 2015 – I went up to the service department to talk about a plan. The manufacturer is now closed for the Holidays. (I don’t blame them)  The dealership found out this morning. So we will be 3 more months without our ceiling fan, Fantastic fan, trash can drawer, decal, refrigerator lock, etc. And apparently the brakes.

We worked around the 5th wheel for a while, did a little laundry.  I went to see the service guy.  Nothing yet.

I made reservations to determine the weight of the camper for Tuesday.  This is something you need to know. So we are doing it.  And since nothing else has come in, we are going to Blueberry Hill a day early. On Tuesday instead of Wednesday.

We went to lunch at Cody’s Original Roadhouse.  It was packed yesterday when we came by, so we decided to try it.  Great. I had shrimp tacos, they were wonderful. Cliff had 2 kinds of soup and salad. We really liked it.20151221_11362220151221_113557

When in Ocala, try it out.

We arrived back at the RV site and went to talk to our guy about plans. Well, guess what, the brakes and axles have arrived and we are not leaving on Tuesday as planned.  This BIG BOY showed up today with our brakes and axles in the back.20151221_125945Talk about a HOSS! This is a 45′ Toyhauler. DRV Fullhouse.  Well, I had to change all the reservations that I had made yesterday for the SmartWeight and Blueberry Hill RV Resort.  No problem, everyone moved everything to Wednesday.  They are supposed to come get our 5th Wheel in the morning by 8:30.  And we are heading to the east coast of Florida and Daytona for the day.

Wow, what a couple of days. And in the middle of all of that, we made our reservations for Key West at the end of January to celebrate Cliff’s birthday with some friends.

We will keep you updated on the repairs.  The other campers in this RV park are having fun with us about our adventure.  We have met some great people.  Hopefully, we can fill you in on those folks before we leave.



We received 2 bottles of wine at the celebration with no names.  We would love to thank you for this nice gift.  If you are the one who gave us this or know who did, please let us know so that we can properly thank you.  You know how we love wine.20151219_101641

The tech finally showed up around 9:30.  Fixed the screen door, the screen over the sofa, the window next to the recliner, the burnt out light bulb and the light fixture that was loose over the kitchen sink.  That is 5 of the 25 items.  Everything else has to be ordered.

The temperature dropped last night and it was 38 degrees this morning, but by 11:45, it is up to 62.  The temperature drop gave us a beautiful sunset last night.20151218_164129

One other nice thing that happened.  The new recliners in the new 5th Wheel did not fit Cliff’s back.  He had to use a pillow to support his back in those chairs.  We asked the Sales Manager if we could swap out these recliners for the old ones in our Sunny Brook and he said ‘Absolutely’. So we are happy campers with our Amish chairs back. 20151219_104438

If you are looking for a great bottle of Champagne, try this one.  Deborah Trimble gave us this at the celebration and it was wonderful.20151210_084550

Have a great weekend.


Turned Our Day Around

Thursday December 17, 2015 is a warranty repair day and we were not looking forward to it.  They came and took our 5th wheel to the service department.  So with no place to go, we decided to go visit our new home town of Green Cove Springs, Florida.

And we made a sightseeing day of it and turned our day around. The trip in pink below.

20151218_124849 (2)

We left Ocala and headed to Hawthorne, population 1,417, home of the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.  Her best known work, The Yearling, about a boy who adopts an orphaned fawn, won a Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1939. The drive from Ocala to Hawthorne is full of beautiful horse farms. You just cannot capture the beauty with a camera in a moving truck.

From Hawthorne we went through Melrose, a small community at the junction of 4 different counties, approximately 3,500 people. Canals open to Lake Santa Fe.  Then to Keystone Heights, population 1,350. The early settlers were from Pennsylvania, hence the name.

Then to Green Cove Springs, our new home town.  Oh how I fell in love with this sweet little town. Population 7,035. Green Cove Springs is the birthplace of Charles E. Merrill (1885–1956), one of the founders of Merrill, Lynch & Company. The town’s spring is described by his son James Merrill in the poem “Two From Florida”, published in The Inner Room (1988).

Historic St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, right on the St.Johns River.

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Green Cove Springs, Florida



20151217_11030620151217_110134 (2)

The city park was filled with decorated Christmas Trees.20151217_111157 (3)Each tree had pictures and cards of loved ones.  It was beautiful.

After Green Cove Springs, we decided to head to St. Augustine Beach. Alex and Mary Wade suggested we go.20151217_12002920151217_112115 (2)20151217_11213720151217_12002520151217_121833

Beautiful place. We will do more sightseeing here this spring.  We headed back to Ocala.  We headed south on A1A, the beach road to Crescent Beach. I highlighted the wrong road on the map above.

Then headed across 206 to Hastings. Population 609. Hastings is known as the “Potato Capital of Florida” with 21,000 acres of potato farms. Henry Morrison Flagler built tourist hotels at St. Augustine in the late 19th century, including the Ponce de León Hotel. He needed a local source of fresh vegetables for his guests, so he persuaded Thomas Horace Hastings, his cousin, to develop a farm. A small community evolved into a town, which was named for its founder in 1890.

Then down to Palatka. Population 10,400. For some reason, I did not get any photos.  We crossed a long bridge over the St. Johns River.

From there into the Ocala National Forest heading to Salt Springs then to Silver Springs and back to Ocala.

When we got back, we opened our mail that we had picked up in Green Cove Springs and got our first Christmas card from my sweet niece Jami.  She is so creative and has a beautiful family.20151217_164104

The service department only fixed 2 things on our list all day, but we had a great day.  Got our 5th wheel back to the site and all set up.

Friday, December 18, started off raining, now temperature dropping.  Waiting on the service department to let us know when they will get the rest of the parts.  We had a late lunch at Hunter’s Place Restaurant. I forgot to take a picture, again.  Then to the UPS Store and met some really nice and fun people.


Now no one is coming to work on the 5th Wheel until Saturday.  We are still waiting to see if the disc brakes and axles come in today.  Only nice thing about this is we get to camp FREE while they are working on the unit and we have met some pretty nice people.

More later.

Forgot that we went through Wilderness RV Resort in Silver Springs. Ron and Linda Prater will be here this winter.Wilderness Park


Travel Days

Leaving the Emerald Coast and heading to Central Florida.  We sure did enjoy the beautiful weather and beautiful waters of the Florida Panhandle. They call this the Forgotten Florida. It was very peaceful.

Crossing the bridge to Carrabelle, FL.20151215_092346

Travel days are fun.  I usually cut an apple and put it in the cooler.  Even though we usually only go about 4 hours, it is always refreshing about half way to our destination.  Well, guess what, I forgot to cut the apple. Half way to Chiefland, Cliff said “how about that apple”.  Oops!

We stayed one night at Breezy Acres Campground in Chiefland.  Nice stop over right on Hwy 27 heading to Ocala. Don’t think I would want to stay here very long. Interesting tip about Chiefland:  they have a 200,000 sq.ft Walmart.  This is a Million Dollar A Day Walmart. Amazing in this small town, but everyone comes from all surrounding counties.  Since Cliff’s favorite store is Walmart, this was a piece of trivia we could not pass up.

Left Chiefland and headed to Ocala.  The horse farms here are beautiful and being a Kentucky girl, I did not think horse farms could be any prettier than they are in Kentucky.  These are very close.



Pictures are not very good from a moving truck, but I tried.

Now we are at America Choice RV dealer for some warranty work to be completed.  This will probably be frustrating and boring days to come.  Hopefully, all will work out and we can head to Bushnell until after New Years.

Happy Trails.


Week One

It has been one week since we left Nashville for our full time RV lifestyle. We have moved 3 times and met so many sweet people. When we get more photos of the party, we will post those.

First night was south of Montgomery, at Montgomery South RV Park.  We stayed 2 nights in Montgomery.

We received so many nice gifts for our travels. Everyone signed the sweat shirts and someone even included “Go Cats” on each one, even though they misspelled that, it should have been “Go Cards”.  Oh well, it was the thought that counts, Right??


Then to Navarre, FL. 200 miles, 4 hours to Emerald Beach RV Resort, site #65. Great spot and beautiful view of Navarre Beach on Santa Rosa Island.

20151208_144108 (2)

Had dinner at the Shrimp Basket, first night in Florida.

We headed out on Wednesday for Pensacola. First stop, we went across the bridge to Navarre Beach. Their Pier is the longest in the Gulf.  Talked to some fishermen and they all have a cool cart.20151209_091139 (2)

Headed to the Pensacola Lighthouse and Naval Aviation Museum.

We did not get to see the Blue Angels, but hope to get back earlier next year. They don’t train here in the winter months.  Very cool place.  We used to collect little lighthouse statues.  We had one of the Pensacola Lighthouse. Then lunch at Joe Patti’s Seafood Restaurant.

And went into a nautical store that sold a lot of things that we can no longer purchase. In our old life, we would have been all over this nautical decor. Went to Cactus Flower, Jennifer and Mark Fournier, suggested. Probably not the one they wanted us to go, but we went to this one.  Food was great.20151210_16032820151209_171753

Beautiful view from our camp site of Navarre Beach at night.

Friday December 11,2015  Travel Day – heading to Eastpoint, FL near Apalachicola. 156 miles, 3.5 hours – slow down Hwy. 98.  Heading to Coastline RV Resort.

Stopped in Panama City Beach – Sheila and Owen Hays suggested this one.  Beautiful…

Crossed the bridge from Apalachicola to Eastpoint and found our spot at Coastline RV Resort. Site 10.  Very nice…. again.

First night, Family Coastal Restaurant. We had the Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, not stuffed.  Very good, would suggest this to anyone.

And we met Abigail.  So sweet, has lived in Eastpoint her whole life. She is graduating from college with a degree in Medical Coding. She has not decided where she wants to go yet. She makes scarfs for dogs and cats.  After dinner at the Family Coastal Restaurant, she invited us to attend the Apalachicola Flea Market on Saturday.  We even met her Mother selling hats and scarfs next to her booth.  She will have a Etsy store up and running soon, so please check it out.  We are so excited to see where her degree takes her.  Of course, we suggested Nashville.

Went for a walk around Apalachicola, saw some shrimp boats and found a very cool nautical store.  If I was shopping for some cool nautical stuff for someone’s house, this would be the place to go.

Then to lunch at “Hole In The Wall”. We did not eat any oysters, but had some awesome Seafood Gumbo and grilled Shrimp.  This seasoning was awesome and it is Cliff’s favorite saying about good stuff. They collect hats and we found Louisville, Vanderbilt and Tennessee. The couple that shared their table with us are from Panama City, down celebrating their wedding anniversary.  She order baked oysters with cheese, bacon and jalapenos.


Started Sunday morning with Crosspoint Church and Pastor Pete.  I connected the laptop to the TV and watched online.  So cool that we can still attend our church, even on the road.

5 Mile Bridge from Eastpoint to St. George Island. Beautiful Sunday drive.  It is off season here, so most everything is closed, but it was still beautiful.

We went back to Eastpoint and had a late lunch at Red Pirate and our first baked oysters.  We loved them. Calico Jacks with cheese, bacon and jalapenos.  Very good.

It has been a long week and this has been a long post.  Hopefully, I will learn to do this more often, so the blog post are not so long.

Hope you have enjoyed our pictures and our adventures so far.

New Day

What a first day! We had a blow out party on Saturday December 5, 2015.  I will post pictures of that party another day soon.  Cliff wanted to celebrate our life; Past, Present, Future and Beyond.  He said that everyone gets that great party after they are dead and he wanted to attend his own great party, so he threw his own celebration and it was a blast.

We stayed up too late, but had a large time.  Sunday December 6, 2015 is day one of our Full Time RVing lifestyle.IMG_3578

This is Karen Jones taking pictures as we left the marina.  This photo was taken by Sheila Hays.  They were there early on Sunday to send us off.

First stop is Alabama.20151206_115950-1

We had a long first day, 6 hours, made 3 stops.  This should be the longest day we will have, we hope.


Met a lady RVer at the Alabama rest stop driving this motorhome, heading for Florida.  She has a standard Poodle with her.  I really admire someone like that.

Champagne from John and Charlotte Sharpe. Opened one, saving the other for the beach.20151206_170836

I bought this bottle of wine in the Wine Country in 2005 when I went with Cindy Asbury, Beverly Browning and Rachel McCaskill. I have saved it all these years for the perfect time to open it.  It was all I expected it to be and Cliff loved it too.20151206_17215920151206_16481420151206_173041

Ended the night with our first campfire.  And off we go.