New Day

What a first day! We had a blow out party on Saturday December 5, 2015.  I will post pictures of that party another day soon.  Cliff wanted to celebrate our life; Past, Present, Future and Beyond.  He said that everyone gets that great party after they are dead and he wanted to attend his own great party, so he threw his own celebration and it was a blast.

We stayed up too late, but had a large time.  Sunday December 6, 2015 is day one of our Full Time RVing lifestyle.IMG_3578

This is Karen Jones taking pictures as we left the marina.  This photo was taken by Sheila Hays.  They were there early on Sunday to send us off.

First stop is Alabama.20151206_115950-1

We had a long first day, 6 hours, made 3 stops.  This should be the longest day we will have, we hope.


Met a lady RVer at the Alabama rest stop driving this motorhome, heading for Florida.  She has a standard Poodle with her.  I really admire someone like that.

Champagne from John and Charlotte Sharpe. Opened one, saving the other for the beach.20151206_170836

I bought this bottle of wine in the Wine Country in 2005 when I went with Cindy Asbury, Beverly Browning and Rachel McCaskill. I have saved it all these years for the perfect time to open it.  It was all I expected it to be and Cliff loved it too.20151206_17215920151206_16481420151206_173041

Ended the night with our first campfire.  And off we go.

13 thoughts on “New Day

  1. Glad you made it to the warm climate. Why don’t you take some photos of the inside of the 5th wheel. I’d love to see what it looks like. Be safe. Hope to see you soon. Love, Bill


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