Travel Days

Leaving the Emerald Coast and heading to Central Florida.  We sure did enjoy the beautiful weather and beautiful waters of the Florida Panhandle. They call this the Forgotten Florida. It was very peaceful.

Crossing the bridge to Carrabelle, FL.20151215_092346

Travel days are fun.  I usually cut an apple and put it in the cooler.  Even though we usually only go about 4 hours, it is always refreshing about half way to our destination.  Well, guess what, I forgot to cut the apple. Half way to Chiefland, Cliff said “how about that apple”.  Oops!

We stayed one night at Breezy Acres Campground in Chiefland.  Nice stop over right on Hwy 27 heading to Ocala. Don’t think I would want to stay here very long. Interesting tip about Chiefland:  they have a 200,000 sq.ft Walmart.  This is a Million Dollar A Day Walmart. Amazing in this small town, but everyone comes from all surrounding counties.  Since Cliff’s favorite store is Walmart, this was a piece of trivia we could not pass up.

Left Chiefland and headed to Ocala.  The horse farms here are beautiful and being a Kentucky girl, I did not think horse farms could be any prettier than they are in Kentucky.  These are very close.



Pictures are not very good from a moving truck, but I tried.

Now we are at America Choice RV dealer for some warranty work to be completed.  This will probably be frustrating and boring days to come.  Hopefully, all will work out and we can head to Bushnell until after New Years.

Happy Trails.


5 thoughts on “Travel Days

  1. Hey Cliff & Laura! I’m catching up and absolutely LOVING your blog posts! You are living my dream … can’t remember if I told you about that? I’ve also got an idea for a novel about two 60-something year old widows who pull up stakes and cross the country in a 5th Wheeler! Which means you are my research! Next time you’re in the Nashville area, we would love to see you. I might or might not pick your brains … that and stalking your blog! Keep ’em coming!


  2. I’m loving this blog site! Pretty pictures too. You’re both truly blessed to see all God’s beauty. Love and safe travels to you both! 😄🚎
    Joy M.

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