Turned Our Day Around

Thursday December 17, 2015 is a warranty repair day and we were not looking forward to it.  They came and took our 5th wheel to the service department.  So with no place to go, we decided to go visit our new home town of Green Cove Springs, Florida.

And we made a sightseeing day of it and turned our day around. The trip in pink below.

20151218_124849 (2)

We left Ocala and headed to Hawthorne, population 1,417, home of the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.  Her best known work, The Yearling, about a boy who adopts an orphaned fawn, won a Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1939. The drive from Ocala to Hawthorne is full of beautiful horse farms. You just cannot capture the beauty with a camera in a moving truck.

From Hawthorne we went through Melrose, a small community at the junction of 4 different counties, approximately 3,500 people. Canals open to Lake Santa Fe.  Then to Keystone Heights, population 1,350. The early settlers were from Pennsylvania, hence the name.

Then to Green Cove Springs, our new home town.  Oh how I fell in love with this sweet little town. Population 7,035. Green Cove Springs is the birthplace of Charles E. Merrill (1885–1956), one of the founders of Merrill, Lynch & Company. The town’s spring is described by his son James Merrill in the poem “Two From Florida”, published in The Inner Room (1988).

Historic St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, right on the St.Johns River.

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Green Cove Springs, Florida



20151217_11030620151217_110134 (2)

The city park was filled with decorated Christmas Trees.20151217_111157 (3)Each tree had pictures and cards of loved ones.  It was beautiful.

After Green Cove Springs, we decided to head to St. Augustine Beach. Alex and Mary Wade suggested we go.20151217_12002920151217_112115 (2)20151217_11213720151217_12002520151217_121833

Beautiful place. We will do more sightseeing here this spring.  We headed back to Ocala.  We headed south on A1A, the beach road to Crescent Beach. I highlighted the wrong road on the map above.

Then headed across 206 to Hastings. Population 609. Hastings is known as the “Potato Capital of Florida” with 21,000 acres of potato farms. Henry Morrison Flagler built tourist hotels at St. Augustine in the late 19th century, including the Ponce de León Hotel. He needed a local source of fresh vegetables for his guests, so he persuaded Thomas Horace Hastings, his cousin, to develop a farm. A small community evolved into a town, which was named for its founder in 1890.

Then down to Palatka. Population 10,400. For some reason, I did not get any photos.  We crossed a long bridge over the St. Johns River.

From there into the Ocala National Forest heading to Salt Springs then to Silver Springs and back to Ocala.

When we got back, we opened our mail that we had picked up in Green Cove Springs and got our first Christmas card from my sweet niece Jami.  She is so creative and has a beautiful family.20151217_164104

The service department only fixed 2 things on our list all day, but we had a great day.  Got our 5th wheel back to the site and all set up.

Friday, December 18, started off raining, now temperature dropping.  Waiting on the service department to let us know when they will get the rest of the parts.  We had a late lunch at Hunter’s Place Restaurant. I forgot to take a picture, again.  Then to the UPS Store and met some really nice and fun people.


Now no one is coming to work on the 5th Wheel until Saturday.  We are still waiting to see if the disc brakes and axles come in today.  Only nice thing about this is we get to camp FREE while they are working on the unit and we have met some pretty nice people.

More later.

Forgot that we went through Wilderness RV Resort in Silver Springs. Ron and Linda Prater will be here this winter.Wilderness Park


8 thoughts on “Turned Our Day Around

  1. Looking forward to Feb at Wilderness RV Park. I hope we can get together while we are there. Make sure you let us know where you will be staying in Green Cove Springs.


    • Whenever we travel, I am always trying to find fun facts to read to Cliff as he drives. Some of this stuff is so interesting. Like Hastings, FL being the Potato Capital of Florida, 22,000 acres and only 600 people live there. That is alot of farm land for so few people.


    • We have a mail forwarding service through St. Brendan’so Isle in Green Cove Springs. They scan the front and you go online and view it. Then you decide if you want them to forward it, hold it or open it and scan it to you. Alot of people how sail around the world use services like this.


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