We received 2 bottles of wine at the celebration with no names.  We would love to thank you for this nice gift.  If you are the one who gave us this or know who did, please let us know so that we can properly thank you.  You know how we love wine.20151219_101641

The tech finally showed up around 9:30.  Fixed the screen door, the screen over the sofa, the window next to the recliner, the burnt out light bulb and the light fixture that was loose over the kitchen sink.  That is 5 of the 25 items.  Everything else has to be ordered.

The temperature dropped last night and it was 38 degrees this morning, but by 11:45, it is up to 62.  The temperature drop gave us a beautiful sunset last night.20151218_164129

One other nice thing that happened.  The new recliners in the new 5th Wheel did not fit Cliff’s back.  He had to use a pillow to support his back in those chairs.  We asked the Sales Manager if we could swap out these recliners for the old ones in our Sunny Brook and he said ‘Absolutely’. So we are happy campers with our Amish chairs back. 20151219_104438

If you are looking for a great bottle of Champagne, try this one.  Deborah Trimble gave us this at the celebration and it was wonderful.20151210_084550

Have a great weekend.


4 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. The Menage a Trois (sp) is from Ken and Mary. Hope you enjoy. We are really enjoying your blogs with the photos and information…….do continue.
    Ken and Mary


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