Sunday – RV Dealer Closed

Let me catch you up on a few things, then I will get to the pictures.

So we are still here at Wild Frontier RV Park, behind America Choice RV dealer.  Been here since Wednesday Dec. 16, 2015.  When we purchased this new 5th Wheel and picked it up in early November, we were told it had disc brakes.  We get here and no disc brakes.  Dealership said they would order them.  “You guys go back to Nashville, gather your things, come back mid-December and we will put those disc brakes on”.

We started calling the dealership on Monday Dec. 7th to make sure the brakes are in and ready for us to arrive.  No brakes. It took until Wed. Dec. 9th to get the owner on the phone.  He assured us that the brakes are on order.  We also had a fantastic fan that did not work, trim in the bedroom banged up, decal torn on outside of unit and trash can drawer slide broken – all of this was written up Nov.12th and supposed to be here when we came back in December.

We arrive midday on Wed. Dec. 16th. and arranged for the 5th wheel to be picked up the next morning.  Thursday Dec.17th, they came to get the 5th wheel and took it to the shop.  I now have a new list of 22 new items that need to be fixed.  Main thing is the power cord reel will not work, It quit working before we got back to Nashville. Everything else is kind of small stuff, like the ceiling fan knocks, the electrical outlet on the outside will not let you plug anything in, we did not get a lock for the refrigerator door, etc.  You get the picture.

We go to the main sales office on Thursday and guess what – No brakes yet!!   The owner said they are to arrive in the back of a DRV Fullhouse that is being delivered from the factory to go to the Tampa SuperShow.  They are expecting it to arrive Friday afternoon.

We get back from sightseeing on Thursday and they only fixed the trim in the bedroom and we got our old recliners back.  No decal and no Fantastic Fan.  They ordered the correct fan, manufacturer shipped the wrong one.

Friday Dec. 18. Our service guy said almost everything on my list of 22 has been approved as a warranty item and they will get all the parts on order. We wait around all day waiting for the DRV Fullhouse to arrive with our brakes.  Oh, but no arrival happened.

Saturday Dec.19  Our tech is to come to our 5th wheel and fix what he can on my list of 22 items, which by now has grown to 25.  He fixed 5 items.  They had to take pictures of the other things that don’t work and order parts.  WOW!  Not sure why they did not take pictures on Thursday when they had the unit all day and the list.

The techs only work until noon on Saturday, so nothing else was going to get fixed.  So we went to lunch at Cliff’s favorite place in Ocala.

Aunt Fannie’s – I think we have been here at least 4 times so far.  They have everything and I mean everything.  This place is packed all day long.  If you ever go, their chicken salad is probably the best I have ever had, except for Jennifer Fournier‘s. We have had breakfast food, grilled salmon, baked chicken, and chicken salad.  All good and they are fast and friendly.20151219_115458Now off to see Cliff’s friends he made last year in Bushnell at Blueberry Hill RV Resort.  This is a very nice RV resort and Cliff loved it and made some very good friends including John and Sandy.  We kind of surprised them. Sunday was a chilly day in Florida.  It was 38 when we got up, but the sun came out and it was beautiful, but a little breezy.20151219_144729

We can’t wait to get back to Blueberry Hill for a couple of weeks and spend some time with friends.

Sunday December 20, 2015.  Crosspoint Church does not go live until 10:30 eastern standard time, so we had time to do some house cleaning.  Now we are ready for church.  And we love Pete at Christmas.  He loves this time of year.  We love

After church, we decided to go sightseeing on the west coast of Florida.  We headed down Hwy 200 to Homosassa Springs.  After we ate at Aunt Fannie’s, of course.  We went through Hernando to Inverness, then Hwy 44 to Lecanto, then Hwy 490 to Homosassa Springs to Homosassa.  Went to the Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins, which is an Historic State Park on the National Register of Historic Places.20151220_12370320151220_123807David Levy Yulee had a 5,100 acre Sugar Plantation here that operated between 1851-1864.  It was just on the side of the road.  Kind of cool. Then we headed to Crystal River, Manatee Haven.20151220_13122320151220_13172320151220_132002The manatees roam all through these waters.  We were on this bridge and 5 manatees just swam under the bridge, we missed them, of course.  But the canals are beautiful through here. This might be Cliff’s favorite place so far.  We headed to Hunter Springs Park.  A city park where you can put in your kayak or paddleboard and hang out with the manatees.20151220_13321120151220_133509And look at this guy’s house with the garage for his boat!!20151220_133358All of this is called Kings Bay that goes to Crystal River.  We drove around and saw some very beautiful homes.  We went to the Crystal River State Park, but it was closed on Sunday. 20151220_140408So we went back to the Homosassa/Crystal River Moose Lodge.  We have heard so much about this lodge, because they have RV parking. We traded license plates and gave them alittle money and headed back to Ocala.20151220_142110

Monday December 21, 2015 – I went up to the service department to talk about a plan. The manufacturer is now closed for the Holidays. (I don’t blame them)  The dealership found out this morning. So we will be 3 more months without our ceiling fan, Fantastic fan, trash can drawer, decal, refrigerator lock, etc. And apparently the brakes.

We worked around the 5th wheel for a while, did a little laundry.  I went to see the service guy.  Nothing yet.

I made reservations to determine the weight of the camper for Tuesday.  This is something you need to know. So we are doing it.  And since nothing else has come in, we are going to Blueberry Hill a day early. On Tuesday instead of Wednesday.

We went to lunch at Cody’s Original Roadhouse.  It was packed yesterday when we came by, so we decided to try it.  Great. I had shrimp tacos, they were wonderful. Cliff had 2 kinds of soup and salad. We really liked it.20151221_11362220151221_113557

When in Ocala, try it out.

We arrived back at the RV site and went to talk to our guy about plans. Well, guess what, the brakes and axles have arrived and we are not leaving on Tuesday as planned.  This BIG BOY showed up today with our brakes and axles in the back.20151221_125945Talk about a HOSS! This is a 45′ Toyhauler. DRV Fullhouse.  Well, I had to change all the reservations that I had made yesterday for the SmartWeight and Blueberry Hill RV Resort.  No problem, everyone moved everything to Wednesday.  They are supposed to come get our 5th Wheel in the morning by 8:30.  And we are heading to the east coast of Florida and Daytona for the day.

Wow, what a couple of days. And in the middle of all of that, we made our reservations for Key West at the end of January to celebrate Cliff’s birthday with some friends.

We will keep you updated on the repairs.  The other campers in this RV park are having fun with us about our adventure.  We have met some great people.  Hopefully, we can fill you in on those folks before we leave.


12 thoughts on “Sunday – RV Dealer Closed

  1. Wow you guys! Nothing is ever easy but you seem to be taking it all in stride and seeing beautiful sites in the bargain! Good luck getting you list of 25+ taken care of, and keep those posts coming!


    • It was a little tough in the beginning, but what are you going to do? So we decided to use our time doing something we love, sightseeing and meeting new people. Everyone is so nice and interesting.


  2. Well, what an adventure so far! I know you will be glad to get those disc brakes installed finally! Site seeing sounds like fun and very interesting! I have heard about Crystal River. The water is so clear! Merry Christmas!


  3. All part of life on the road with something new but sounds like you guys are already pros at handling the unexpected. Love hearing all about your travels and seeing the pics. Merry Christmas to Susan’s and my good friends!


  4. Have Cliff check all the work on those brakes…sounds like they aren’t really enthusiastic about doing it. Tell him to spin a wheel at a time and hit the pedal while it is jacked up. Make sure they work.


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