Blueberry Hill RV Resort

Give a big sigh of relief…. We made it to Blueberry Hill RV Resort in Bushnell, FL.  This place gives us a feeling of home.  This is where Cliff spent 2 months last winter, while I was home-bound in Nashville because of snow and ice. As soon as we got all set up, our friends showed up to welcome us back. How cool is that.  John, Sandy and of course, Coco.  Who is affectionately called “Brown Dog”.20151222_16012720151222_160225But let me back up to Tuesday morning.

On Monday, when it seemed nothing was going to get here.  I made reservations for Blueberry Hill.  We were supposed to arrive on Wednesday, but I got us in a day early.  I also made reservations to have the 5th Wheel weighed.

Okay, so Monday afternoon when they told us the brakes are in and they are taking the 5th Wheel Tuesday morning, of course I cancelled everything.

We had everything ready to move Tuesday morning at 8:30.  Our service guy comes over and lo and behold, they can not do the brakes today.  Not all of the parts came in.  Yes, the brakes and axles are here, but there are several other things to go along with it and those parts did not arrive.  And the factory is closed this week, so they don’t know when the additional parts will get here.

Cliff still wanted the camper washed before we left, so our guy said it would have it picked up and washed and we could leave by 10:00.

I got on the phone and got our spot back at Blueberry Hill and another reservation to have the 5th wheel weighed.  So we went to breakfast while the house got washed.

Hunter’s is a great place.  The parking lot is always full.20151222_08345120151222_083504

We got back to America Choice RV and no one was washing the RV.  Our guy got some guys on it.  Main thing was to wash the roof.

We left at 11:30.  Our appointment to have the RV weighed was 11:15.  Thank you to Al Peterson for being so patience.  He was a expert at the SmartWeigh.  We passed another beautiful farm between Ocala and Bushnell.20151222_110743-1

This is our house being weighed.20151222_12195420151222_122006

On Cow Patty Road20151222_122200_001

So Al proceeded to tell us that we are overweight.  We knew that part, but what about our house?  Yes, your house is overweight too.  We need to upgrade something on the truck to make it work.  So we are going to the Ford dealer next week and get that taken care of.

So that pretty much explains why we were so excited to see John and Sandy and get a feeling that we really are living the RV dream. Check out our little Christmas decorations behind Sandy.20151222_160127

Today, Cliff and Sandy will be playing Shuffleboard.  Tonight we go to the VFW for Taco salad.  Thursday is a trip to Hard Rock Casino. Sunday is Pickleball and Monday is Bingo.

We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sandy and I are already planning our Christmas meal and Blueberry is having a party for New Years.

Be safe in your travels, love on your families and friends and remember to dream Big.

I wanted to add some photos of the little Christmas decorations we have.  Some of you are not going to believe this, but we are having another yard sale in the RV Resort.  You can see a few items below the snowman. The cute outdoor sign came from Jennifer Schoonover Fournier.20151223_10214720151223_102209



8 thoughts on “Blueberry Hill RV Resort

  1. Glad you’re enjoying yourselves, but you know deep inside we’re hating on you. Not really, but we can hardly wait to begin our adventures and you’re not helping any.


  2. Ya know I have to ask…
    Did Cliff find his thrill on Blueberry Hill?
    Actually, wait…I really don’t want to know.
    Miss y’all! Hope you had a Happy New Year!


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