New Home Saga continues

When we last talked about the new home, we were supposed to have the disc brakes installed on December 22, but not all the parts came in.  We decided to move on to Blueberry Hill in Bushnell, Fl instead of waiting in Ocala.  This was a very good decision for us.

After all the drama of not going to River Ranch and finally securing a place at Blueberry Hill RV Resort until April 1, we moved to our new site on Friday January 1st, 2016.  Literally, this is about 100 feet away.

Got the 5th wheel hooked to the truck with no problem, moved and got everything unhooked, no problem.  Went to put the slides out and BAM, GRIND, BANG, POP.  The main living room slide went out crooked and the side bar is all chewed up.20160101_153625 - Copy

This is New Years Day and you know no one is working.20160101_143033 - CopyThat roller is not supposed to be visible.  We called our Service guy on Saturday and he was very concerned.  They have an office and dealership in Bushnell and we are right across the street. He will get someone to call us from the Bushnell office.20160104_094125Not sure if you can see it, but the whole slide is crooked.20160109_083504This is inside on the opposite end of the roller exposed.  Yikes!!

We get a call that no one can come on Saturday and someone will be at our site on Monday Jan. 4 to do an inspection.  Someone finally showed up right before lunch, after several phone calls from us to both Ocala and Bushnell offices.

The tech came and took pictures, said he would not be able to fix this in the field, will have to be brought in.  Just so happens, this is the same slide that had to be repaired before we could pick it up in November.

FYI, we have documentation of everything.

So we wait, and wait and finally, one week later on Friday Jan.8th, Cliff calls for a meeting with the owner and we drive to Ocala.  We met with the Owner, both Service managers and the Sales manager.  The owner apologizes and acknowledges they have a communication problem.  We have waited for one week and no one has called to tell us anything. He assures us someone would call us on Monday to schedule a Tech that is qualified to fix our slide issue.

You might recall from previous blogs, we also have 22 items that have not been fixed and we are still waiting to hear when all the parts will be in for the disc brake installation.

We know that God works in mysterious ways.  Thank goodness that we did not like River Ranch and decided to stay in Bushnell.  If this had happened down there in the middle of nowhere, this would have been disastrous.

Monday Jan. 11 – 1:00 PM – Just received a call that someone should be here from the Ocala shop by 3:00 PM. And the saga continues.

But don’t feel too sorry for us, we are in Sunny Florida, we are going to spend 3 days in Tampa this week and then an all day tour of the newly renovated Daytona Speedway on Monday week.

Just FYI, this blog post is as much for our documentation as it is just keeping our family and friends up to date.



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