Tampa RV Supershow

We took a side trip to the Tampa RV Supershow this week.  We stayed in the Holiday Inn across the street and walked over.  It was 2 days of walking, talking and looking.  We love this show because you never know what you are going to see.  20160114_084609_001Look close at the plant.

20160114_083707They line up for miles to get in.  We arrived on Wednesday before noon.  This is Thursday around 9:00 AM.20160114_084449The Jamaican steel drum band greets you as you come in the gate.20160113_112718Dogs in strollers, out number children in strollers 90-1.  I wish I could have taken pictures of all of the dogs. Wow, there were a lot.20160113_113826Even the wood carver understands a true rivalry. 20160114_08470820160114_084732They have it all. You have to remove your shoes to enter these Bad Boys.20160114_111136The street entertainment is as much fun as the RVs.20160114_11121720160114_093111Like I said, they have everything. 20160114_153152This is the roof of the beer garden.  I just thought it was cool.

Well, that was our 2 days in Tampa.  We always have a great time at this show.  It also reaffirmed our love for our 5th Wheel, issues and everything.


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