Florida State Parks

Sunday February 14, 2016

Day tripping – Beautiful day and no Resort activities, so we decided to explore a couple of state parks close by.

We headed east to Lake Griffin State Park in Fruitland Park, Florida.20160214_124019

They have the 2nd largest Live Oak tree in the State of Florida and it is believed to be 300-500 years old.  It was big.20160214_12292820160214_12283720160214_122720

The live oaks are beautiful.

20160214_121505A lot of fishing going on at the head of the 1,000 foot canal leading to Dead River, which empties into Lake Griffin.  Only 40 campsites available in this State Park.

Then we headed west to Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunnellon, Florida.  This was 42 miles from Lake Griffin.20160214_144611This is a beautiful park. Flowers blooming everywhere.20160214_14374820160214_14221820160214_143142

The water is crystal clear. Rainbow Springs is the 4th largest spring in Florida.  People were swimming, kayaking and canoeing.20160214_14214920160214_143055

Then we had to get back home to get ready for the Valentine’s Day Dance at Blueberry Hill.


And there was a lot of line dancing going on. 20160214_184752Pure Country Gold was the band for the dance.  The band was pretty good and everyone had a great time.  We met a couple from Savannah, TN and another couple from northern Mississippi.

What a great day.


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