Pioneer Florida Museum & Village

February 20, 2016

I am trying to catch up.  It has been a while since I updated this blog, so I apologize.20160220_104527On February 20, 2016 we went to the Pioneer Florida Museum & Village.  We really enjoyed it.  It was a very pleasant day and it was not crowded.

In 1960, Rudolph Rhode and his sister, Miss Annie Rhode, the children of a prominent farmer in San Antonio, Florida, gave 37 antique farm implements and tools to the Pasco County Fair Association.  On April 28, 1961 the museum was chartered by the State of Florida as “The Pioneer Florida Museum Association, Inc.”, with 87 charter members.

There are 12 buildings in the Village. The first one is the Lacoochee School House. The one room school house was built in 1926. It was rescued from demolition in 1976 and moved to the museum’s grounds.20160220_110031There also have old Fire Trucks, which I really liked.20160220_110103

The John Overstreet House was a farm house built in the 1860s.  It is one of the oldest wood frame structures still standing in Pasco County.20160220_112907

There is also a history lesson on Outhouses.  The crescent moon and star cutouts on the door of many outhouses goes back to Colonial times when many people could not read. The moon was the symbol for women and the star for men.  It is thought that men, in general, let their outhouses fall into such bad shape that more women’s outhouses survived over time and the moon became universal.  20160220_110815

The Mabel Jordan Barn houses the collection of horse-drawn carriages, farm equipment and tools.20160220_11123320160220_11105420160220_11135720160220_11144820160220_11095820160220_111051Even a Surrey with fringe on top.20160220_111021

Check this out.  They used their dogs to churn butter.20160220_11130720160220_111258

The Blanton Packing House opened in 1910. They packed and shipped citrus fruit throughout the country until 1989. In 1946, they were advertising for female workers.  I hope you can read this ad.  I thought it was very interesting for 194620160220_11454520160220_11460920160220_114616

The Trilby Depot was originally built in 1887 by the H.B. Plant Railroad System.  It was built to accommodate the many passengers and the large amount of freight which passed through Trilby, once the third largest rail yard in the state of Florida.20160220_11542220160220_11554520160220_11555620160220_11562920160220_115356

It was worth the trip to Dade City to see this.

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