River Ratz

A small seafood restaurant in Nobleton, FL called River Ratz Cafe.  It does not say it on the sign, but they are open Saturday and Sunday too.  I had grilled shrimp and it was wonderful.20160220_142011

This is something I have never seen.  Parking for your horse, cars not allowed.  I wonder if you can get a DUI while riding your horse home from River Ratz?20160220_13144020160220_131448

It is mostly outdoor seating with very little seating inside, which is great on a beautiful day.20160220_131728

They also have kayak and canoe rentals.  The locals have their airboats.20160220_131718

3 thoughts on “River Ratz

  1. Looks like y:all are having a wonderful time! I’ll be visiting the Florida Trimbles mid April and will give you a shout. Maybe we can meet for adult beverages.

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  2. Hey C + L we are on the boat this weekend and thinking about you guys! It’s Saturday afternoon 4:35 PM CDST and KY is up by two. Laura i KNOW that wherever you are, you are tuned in! Miss you both, hope you are having a ball. It is very quiet at CYC this weekend and we are happy. Tried to fool some crappie into biting yesterday but they were all MIA. XO J+C

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