Florida Strawberry Festival

Thursday March 3, 2016

The Florida Strawberry Festival is a large event in Plant City, Florida.  We went on the first day and got the senior citizen discount.  Yeah!20160303_093240They plant onions on the outside of the strawberry fields to protect the strawberries. The onions are very sweet and large.20160303_09353120160303_09362620160303_093634

They had pig races.20160303_095507You have to look closely to the first turn.20160303_100611This is a pig in training.20160303_100708

Then we learned about how they plant and grow strawberries.  This equipment was amazing. The Super Bedder forms the mounds for the plants.20160303_102556Then they put a black mulch cover over the mound.20160303_10261220160303_102646This machine punches the holes for the plants and then they are still hand picked. Amazing.20160303_102816

We saw some cloggers.  This was a lot like a county fair in Tennessee.  We saw live stock and they had pig showings and live stock demonstrations20160303_11014320160303_122547

And then we went to the pioneer village and met this woman.  I wish we had gotten her name.  She was Awesome and showed Cliff had to make a strong enough rope to lead a cow20160303_13182220160303_13171020160303_13183120160303_131833She took the 3 strains of twine and made one large rope. The paddle is what she used to braid them together.20160303_131911

And as we left, we saw people picking the strawberries by hand.20160303_134444

What a great day in Plant City, Florida.


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