End of the Season

It is the end of the winter season here in Florida and everyone is starting to leave to go home.  It is kind of sad.  You don’t think that you can develop much of a friendship in 3 months, but we sure have.IMG950857Teresa, Wanda and I learned to line dance. These were our next door neighbors this winter.20160322_095313(0)20160306_131643We have cook outs together.20160306_131640Learned how to cook new things.  Invited Roger to eat too.20160306_131635IMG_0402Our neighbors loved jello shots.20160306_152121They even made some with Fire Ball, apple juice and orange jello.  My favorite.20160306_142530This is Rosco. I said “Rosco, look this way”, as soon as I did, he wiped his face and stared right at me.20160326_090412We all have 5th wheels and black trucks.  All the trucks are a different brand though.20160326_090214View from the front.20160326_115745Mr. & Mrs. Crane with a new baby.20160316_17092520160316_170933We even stole each others electricity.  Funny story: We were comparing electric bills for the month of February.  Our bill was 57.00, but Justin and Wanda’s bill was about 125.00.  We could not figure out why theirs was so high.  So Cliff and I came home one night from playing cards and found Justin’s extension cord plugged into our camper.  They were all outside and laughing their A__ off.

So when Sandy came for a visit, Justin and Wanda picked her up at the airport and were not to arrive home until almost dusk.  So Cliff and I decided to plug out lights into their camper while they were gone.  Justin got a big kick out of that when he got home.

20160328_081754And today they left.  Heading back to Michigan.  We hope to see them in May and we are all planning on coming back here for the winter again next year.

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