Tampa Bay Downs

March 11, 2016

20160311_130728We had a great time at the race track.  Blueberry Hill RV Resort organized the trip with a chartered bus and a very nice buffet lunch.  We did not win any money, but had a great time. And, I did not coordinate my outfit with my hat.  I was not going to wear, but Rose insisted on it.4M4A7428On the right is Eleanor and Tom, behind them is Kathy and Edwin.  Cliff and I are in the very back on the right, across from Gene and Rose.  Judy and Sy are in there too.

20160311_133736I bet on Wildcat Kitten in the 6th race for my friend Sheila, but it did not win.

20160311_130615Blueberry Hill RV Resort sponsored the 7th race.4M4A7592The 7th horse won in the 7th race.20160311_1433524M4A7631Since Blueberry Hill sponsored the race, all the ladies in hats got to have our picture taken with the Jockey and the Trainer.4M4A7636They kept telling us to hold onto our hats, so that we would spook the horses.4M4A762720160311_140205It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time.

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