Update on 5th Wheel

Well, the winter season is over and we are heading to the RV dealer for a few days.  Hopefully, they will be able to fix the slide and install the disc brakes.  If you have been following our blog, you kind of know the story.  You can always go back closer to December and read about our issues.

First, Cliff won Cornhole on Friday.  The first time this season and our last day at Blueberry Hill.  He kept the sign long enough to have his picture taken, then gave the sign back.  Hopefully, he will win it again next year. The first week we were here, he won Shuffleboard and now the last day, he won Cornhole.  Go Cliff!!2016-04-01 13.33.04Our last day of shuffleboard was Friday also.  It was a smaller crowd, but we had a great time.2016-04-01 09.34.55That is Judy Cote looking at the camera and Kenny walking towards the camera.2016-04-01 09.35.12Had to say good-bye to Henry DiCaterino.  He taught me a lot about shuffleboard.  We are going to miss him.  His daughter is scheduled to have twins this summer, so he and Carolyn will be very busy.4M4A4241Also had to say good-bye to our new friends Mary and Jim.  Very tough Shuffleboard players.  See you next season.

And this is the Mayor of Blueberry Hill RV Resort, Gary.4M4A4324He is from Illinois.  See you next season!! This picture is from the Super Bowl party.

So back to the update.  Somehow the ceiling fan blade got broken when the guys pushed the slide in Saturday morning.2016-04-02 10.27.57We made it to Ocala without any issues.  God was watching out for us today, and we both know it.  There were severe thunderstorm watches for our area, with heavy winds and hard rains.  We somehow drove through a pocket of rain, but missed all of the bad stuff.

The main slide does not go out all of the way, so we are going to live with this narrow opening until Monday morning.  The dealer will take it and hopefully fix it for good.2016-04-03 07.46.042016-04-03 07.47.082016-04-03 07.46.46I have a little nook to sit back and read.  It is kind of cool.

Keep your fingers crossed that the dealer can fix the slide and install the disc brakes correctly.

And now it is almost time for church.20160403_082523

5 thoughts on “Update on 5th Wheel

  1. Congratulations to Cliff! Sounds like y’all made some good friends over your winter stay. Have safe travels ahead to Indiana and hopefully get that RV fixed!

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  2. Passed by your way on the way to Lake City yesterday. Hit heavy rain at Tampa.. I-75 was a parking lot that sometimes moved. 7.5 hours to go 306 miles. Hope you get everything fixed to your satisfaction.

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