Cheraw, South Carolina

April 14, 2016 – Thursday

We were not real sure what we were going to do today, but that is what makes this so fun.

We headed to Darlington, SC to see the NASCAR race track.  2016-04-14 09.54.05We went to the museum, $5.00 each and then to see the track.  Not sure I would recommend this.  We can mark it off our list though.2016-04-14 10.34.542016-04-14 11.21.47Lunch at Takis Family Diner.  I had a chicken salad sandwich that was very good.  You could tell it was homemade.  Cliff had the flounder, collard greens, cole slaw and field peas. It was also good. It was a popular place for lunch.  A lot of pick up trucks in the parking lot.

From there we decided to go to Cheraw, SC because it nickname is “The Prettiest Town in Dixie”.  Pronounced “chuh-RAW”.  For me, it is pronounced like the wine, Syrah.

Well, what a Find!2016-04-14 12.08.042016-04-14 12.19.01The birthplace of Dizzy Gillespie.2016-04-14 12.19.57Beautiful azaleas and wonderful people.2016-04-14 12.44.36As we were walking around looking lost, a very nice store owner asked if we were looking for anything in particular.  So we started a conversation about the prettiest town in dixie. And we met the owner of a store that is now closed.  A beautiful store of Art, Antiques and home accessories.  She and her husband moved here from Virginia.  They purchased an historic home and opened this store.  She was an art teacher for 31 years and has beautiful style in decorating.  Of course, I loved the store and wanted to buy many things.  Tanya was so gracious and informative.  If you are even in Cheraw, please go by her store at 215 Market St.  She suggested we have lunch at The River’s Edge.2016-04-14 13.26.29Since we already had lunch, we went in for coffee and desert.  This restaurant is owned by Mennonites.  We wished we had waited for lunch.  Even though we enjoyed our lunch in Darlington, this might have been better.2016-04-14 13.11.402016-04-14 12.51.062016-04-14 13.01.42Coconut cream pie and chocolate brownie with ice cream2016-04-14 13.01.47Of course, they were fantastic.  Our waitress was Holly and had moved here from New Mexico and has been married for one year.  She was the precious.2016-04-14 13.13.332016-04-14 13.13.44Before we left, a gentleman came over and said, “pardon me for ease-dropping, but how far is it from Nashville to Jackson?”.  Random? So we told him.  He and a friend were out for a motorcycle ride from Rockingham, NC.  Then as I stepped out to the sidewalk, 2 couples were standing there and asked “Did I hear you say you went to Darlington?  Why would you go to Darlington?” I said we went for the racetrack. “Well, we are from Darlington and just wondering why anyone would go there.”  They were very nice and we talked for at least 15 minutes.  They suggested we take Hwy.9 back to Dillon. The 2 men were raised in Clio, SC and we would go right through it.2016-04-14 13.41.161919, brick Neo-classical2016-04-14 13.41.37c.1850 A Greek Revival cottage that has been moved back from its original site near the street.2016-04-14 13.41.58c.18372016-04-14 13.42.15prior to 1856. The earliest records are dated 1856, but the site had at least 2 owners prior to that date. 2016-04-14 13.44.102016-04-14 12.08.04c.1823 The Lafayette House was built by Dr. William Ellerbe, and was the site of a public reception for Gen. Lafayette on his visit in 1825.  Dr. Archibald Malloy remodeled the house after his marriage to Henrietta Coit in 1843.2016-04-14 13.46.37And this is the house Tanya and her husband purchased when they moved to Cheraw.  I would bet the inside is as pretty as her store.2016-04-14 14.24.43Our drive back to Dillon on Hwy.9.2016-04-14 14.40.202016-04-14 14.40.57Another wonderful day discovering new and unusual places in this beautiful country.

4 thoughts on “Cheraw, South Carolina

  1. Beautiful homes and how much fun is it to meet people all over the country. I’ve always enjoyed striking up a conversation, it stated all the way back when I was in the navy. Cliff, no tuna?

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