May 16 – ??20160516_074451Crossing the new bridge from Kentucky to Indiana20160516_074459Cool bridge20160516_090512I saw this and thought Cliff had turned around somewhere20160516_151144We made it to Lagrange, Indiana. Twin Lakes RV Service.  Jay does warranty work for DRV when they are full. Tomorrow, Jay will put this rig in his shop and we will have to get a hotel room for a few days.20160516_151640Indiana has some rough roads, especially I-69 north of Indianapolis.  We just got this painting back from the artist, Pam Turner and we hung it while we were in Nashville.  The command stripes we used to mount it passed the road test.  It was still on the wall when we got to Lagrange.  Yeah!20160516_164939We had dinner at Howe Restaurant in Howe, IN.20160516_17005720160516_172419Largest serving of chopped steak I think I have ever seen.  Very good food, but they give you a lot of it.  If you are ever in the area, look them up.  Howe is right at the border of Michigan and Indiana.

Tuesday May 17, 201620160516_174228Since Twin Lakes RV Service has our 5th wheel, we decided to go sightseeing in Lagrange and Shipshewana, Indiana.  Large Amish community.20160516_174953_001Buggy parking at the Courthouse in Lagrange.20160517_084505We went looking for Lambright Comfort Chairs because we have 2 recliners and we thought we might want to add the folding tables.  I am the one that does all the googling and trying to figure out the directions.20160517_084345When I told Cliff to turn down this road, he hesitated.  “Are you sure?”20160517_084313Just a little ways up the dirt road, there it is.  They make the best recliner we have ever sat in. We had a nice visit with the owner.20160517_100347Check out the lighthouses with solar lights in the top.20160517_100355Shopping at the Eash Market.20160517_10033920160517_101258Then it was off to the Shipshewana Flea Market.  We have heard a lot about it.20160517_102840It was great.  Very cool stuff.20160517_145552Then we drove to Centreville, Michigan.  This is where Larry and Teresa live.  They were our neighbors in Bushnell, Florida this past winter.  This is where he keeps his rig. Yes, it was rainy and cold.20160517_145557They have a beautiful farm.20160517_153442We met up with Justin and Wanda, also our neighbors in Bushnell.  They took us to Curly’s in Colon, Michigan.  It was burger night.  We really enjoyed our visit with these new friends.20160517_15443220160517_180233We saw our first covered bridge.

Wednesday May 18, 2016

We took a tour of the DRV Mobile Suites plant.  Did not learn very much and forgot to take a picture.  We also went to Menno-Hof, the Amish and Mennonite Story.welcomeThe Mennonites, Amish and Hutterites come from the Anabaptist movement that began during the Reformation in 16th-century Europe.  The word “Anabaptist” means to “rebaptize”. This name was attached to a group of believers who called for voluntary, adult baptisms at a time when the state allowed only infant baptism.  The Anabaptist movement began in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1525.  The Anabaptist were violently persecuted by Catholic and Protestant authorities who considered their stance both heresy and treason.  If you ever get a chance to take this tour, it is worth every penny.  The Amish and Mennonite communities in Northern Indiana built this building in 6 days.

20160519_092916The sun came out and we drove around the area.  This is the best cheese around.  We were told there was a cheese factory tour here, but there are just 2 windows that look into where the cheese is made.  No one there to tell anything about the process.  It was still very interesting.20160519_111453This is called a Quilt Garden.

Thursday May 19, 2016

5th wheel still in the service center.20160519_112045We drove to Middlebury and picked up a CD for the Heritage Trail.  You drive through this beautiful country and listen to the CD about each town and history of the area.  Very well done and worth the drive.  We stopped at Amish Acres and walked around.20160519_112032They have a playhouse, but we did not have time to stay for the play.  This is an historic farmstead with guided tours.20160519_113242Amish Acres is in Nappanee, IN.20160519_113754They offer buggy rides.20160519_113855It is beautiful country up here.  Pictures just don’t do it justice.20160519_175727Then it was off to dinner with Jack and Carla at The Blue Gate Restaurant.  It is such a small world.  We met Jack and Carla in Bushnell also and they are spending the summer in Shipshewana.  They are building a house in Centreville, right down the road from Larry and Teresa. 20160519_175735Dinner was excellent and we really enjoyed our visit.  Jack and Carla are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.20160519_17574920160521_154331There are very large farms everywhere.

Friday May 20, 2016

After I had a small melt down at Twin Lake RV Service, because the slide is still not fixed and we have been here for 5 days, we moved to a campground for the weekend.20160522_130224We got our home back.  It felt really good to have it back.

Saturday March 21, 201620160521_190024We checked in at RVillage and met some new friends.  They are from California and are traveling the US.  We learned so much from them in one evening.  It was great. David and Kathi.  Cliff got ready to show him his Indian name and he knew it before he ever saw the sign.  We hit it off right away.20160521_190035It is the weekend in the campground and there is golf cart parade.

Sunday March 22, 201620160522_085724I went for a walk around the campground and saw these beautiful wild flowers.20160522_08573720160522_090036The campground is on a small lake.20160522_09004420160522_172514This is Harry.  He rocks!20160522_182106Then they invited us to eat with them. Kathi made this wonderful dinner.20160522_182112Martha Stewart’s Fried Chicken20160522_182115And a wonderful pasta salad.  I provided the napkins.  My kind of meal.


Monday May 23, 2016

We were supposed to be camping today in Ludington, MI, instead we are still in Howe, IN waiting on DRV to get our slide fixed.  One of the warranty guys from the plant, a tech and our buddy Jay came by this afternoon and looked at it.  Jay said he will get us in his shop on Wednesday and hopefully get it fixed in one day.  We still have a few items that are not complete inside the 5th wheel.  So we are still here and not sure when we get to leave.

Until next time. Cheers!!

Nashville, TN

May 8 – 15, 2016

Home Sweet Home, well kind of.  Since we are full time RVers now, our home is on wheels. But Nashville will always feel like home.  We had a very busy week in Nashville.  Trying to fit in all the doctor visits, family visits and seeing as many friends as we could fit in.20160508_121552We set up camp at the marina where Cliff is still a member.  It is very convenient to everything.20160508_121540I did not take pictures of everyone we saw, but I sure enjoyed all of my visits.20160508_170412Cliff’s family had us over for dinner.  Love this group of people.  I could spend a lot of time with this bunch.20160508_170414We all hiked Mt. LeConte together in 2012.20160513_203941Then it was Friday night at the Moose Lodge for steak and visiting with a fun group of people.20160513_20400120160513_204005Two of my favorite people, Danny and Susan.20160514_161024Saturday evening, a small group threw us a reunion dinner.  Greatest friends in the world.20160514_16105020160514_161142This is inside the party dock at the marina.20160514_161204Cliff and Big O20160514_161730Ted and Ann20160514_161217Sweet Celeste, Chris, Ron and Sweet Ashley.20160514_173859Getting the table set.20160514_173930Some appetizers.20160514_174707A gift of bug spray for our camping trips.20160514_174735There is sweet Eve in the background.20160514_161156Even Samson came.20160514_174805Celeste and Deb20160514_185248And there is my very best friend, Sheila with Chris and Celeste.  Sheila is affectionately referred to as the “Invitor”.  So you know she was the one that pulled this whole thing together.  I miss that crazy girl.20160514_190836Grilled Salmon20160514_190911Beef tenderloin20160514_193008What a spread.20160514_193242Deb and Bridget hamming it up at the other end of the table.20160514_19540820160514_195452Ann and Nan in the middle with Chip.20160514_195945Chris and Herb.20160514_195748Sheila and Chip  Thank you to everyone.

We could not have asked for a better send off.  Until we meet again.

Sunday May 15, 201620160515_194126Left Nashville Sunday morning and spent the night at Cliff’s son’s house with Cliff’s triplet grandsons.20160515_194152Nick and Drew20160515_194141Chris with Pops.  Cannot Wait to see them again soon.  Such a wonderful family.

Well, we are off to Indiana to try to get this 5th wheel fixed.  We have been living with the living room slide half way out for 6 weeks.  Ready to get this slide fixed.

RV Dreams Educational Rally

May 1 – 8, 2016    Sevierville, TN


We made it to River Plantation in Sevierville the day before the Rally was scheduled to begin.  We have been traveling from Florida for the month of April.  We did not have a chance to meet very many new people along the way, probably because we were sightseeing every day and not spending much time at home.

I was beginning to feel like we were not going to meet any new friends until we got back to Florida this fall.  Not long after we got set up, these ducks came by for a visit.20160501_140806One female and 2 males.  I think Susie was courting 2 fellas at the same time.20160501_14081020160501_140932She decided to become our friend.  How nice was that?20160501_14162220160501_141819And they decided to stay awhile.

Then Cliff decided to ride his bike around the park and see if anyone was out.  He was ready to meet some people.  He saw a couple walking around and he stopped to chat. He told them our site number and invited them to stop by.20160505_180958And they did.  Chris and Heike are attending the rally and don’t even have an RV yet.  Still doing their research.  Very smart!!20160505_180943And right across the street from us in Lisa and Todd.

So on our first day, we have met 2 couples that will be life long friends.  Lisa and Todd have a motorhome and are full time RVers.  I don’t know why I did not get a picture of their home. Sorry.   And of course, these photos were taken later in the week and not on day one.

Okay, so the week is really starting off Great.20160502_152410Howard and Linda of RV Dreams offer Educational seminars at various times of the year and in many locations.  Howard asked me to make a sign and make it colorful.  It gave me something to do twice a day.  This Rally was so informative.  I would encourage anyone that is RVing or even thinking about RVing in the future, to attend one of these Rally.  We learned a lot about Basic RV maintenance and safety.  He still has the tentative itinerary on their website, look for 2016 Spring Rally.20160504_142538It was not just fluff, it was serious safety stuff.  That is Trey in the photo.  He taught about weight and tires.  I learned so much, it was great.20160503_182404I also learned that you can put your bread and cheese in a reusable bag and put it in your toaster and make a grilled cheese sandwich. Wow.  Okay, some stuff was fluff.20160507_080645This is Howard teaching about Internet on the Road.20160504_113847We love the mountains.20160505_073633Everyone has pets.  This guy works at River Plantation.20160508_070407Look closely, this cat is on a leash. And Sheryl walks him everyday.20160506_110424

And then we met Dawn and Roger and now our small circle of close friends at Table 7 is complete.20160505_180950What a great time this small group had this week.20160505_181010And I can’t forget about John. He is a solo full time RVer.  He was our neighbor.

20160506_102705Then we learned about inflatable kayaks.20160506_10371520160506_104444I see one of these in their future.20160506_134332This is wine I want to get when we get to Traverse City, Michigan.  Dawn and Roger shared it with our little group one night.20160506_163020On Friday, RV Dreams gave us a free afternoon. So we decided to go to The Island in Pigeon Forge and have an early dinner at Paula Deen’s new restaurant with our friends from Ohio, Colorado and Michigan.  It was very good and a lot of food.20160506_163105The Island has a dancing water fountain to music.20160506_163242There is a Large Ferris wheel.  I did not get on it.20160506_171147And of course, if you are in East Tennessee you have to try the Free Moonshine tasting at Ole Smoky Moonshine.  With live Bluegrass music outside.20160506_165542And we did!  There were 11 different moonshines, a whiskey and baileys kind of drink.


Leah was very sweet and Cliff gave her a kiss.20160507_124342Saturday was open house day.  Anyone could open their rig to visitors. Tracy and Lee really know how to organize. Their blog is Camper Chronicles.  They have a lot of good information on their blog too.20160507_165903The Rally is almost over, it is Saturday night, the day of the Kentucky Derby.  I had a lot of text messages from Nashville friends wondering why we were not in Nashville throwing the Derby Party.  I kind of miss that Derby Party, but this was a nice change.20160507_165908RV Dreams had it catered.  It was very nice.20160507_182828There were games.20160507_165929And Derby Hat contests.20160507_19362620160507_170048Lisa and Todd should have won.  Her hats were so creative.20160507_171449And we brought the Mint Juleps.

We had a great week.  Learned a lot and met some great friends.

Now we are off to Nashville for a week of doctor’s appointments, family and friends.  We can’t wait to see everyone again.


East Tennessee

Saturday April 30, 2016

Well, it has been a week since our last post.  We have been busy.  Before we left Chocowinity, we went to Greeneville, NC to have lunch at Sam Jones BBQ.  2016-04-22 11.19.12It was listed in Garden and Gun Magazine as one of the top BBQ joints in the South.  It was some of the best BBQ I have ever had and I am from Western Kentucky.  So you know it was good.2016-04-22 11.15.532016-04-22 11.26.23The light fixtures were even pigs – flying!2016-04-22 11.19.19And there was a line for lunch at 1:30.

We left Chocowinity, NC on Saturday April 23, 2016 heading west on I-40.  We were traveling 237 miles to Lake Myers RV & Campground in Mocksville, NC. We like to travel between 200 – 250 miles a day.2016-04-23 14.57.062016-04-23 14.58.08We made it to Lake Myers RV park and almost did not make it to the site.  The roads in the park were so narrow, tight and steep, even the guy that led us to our site was impressed with Cliff’s driving.  He was surprised we missed some of those trees.  After we got set up, there was a parade of golf carts that came by to look.  Some even stopped and asked if they could come in and see our home.  Needless to say, we stayed one night and left the next morning.  Lesson learned – double check the reviews of each park before you arrive.

We headed to Cosby, TN on Sunday.2016-04-24 10.58.58The drive to and around Asheville was interesting.2016-04-24 14.20.07We arrived at Smoky Mountain Premier RV Resort in Cosby, TN.  This is a very nice park.  It is only 2 years old.  We met the owner, Kelly.  He was very nice and you could tell he was proud of his resort and is looking for ways to improve the experience for his guests.2016-04-26 16.29.09We had a great site.  Very level and wide.  We were right by the pavilion.

2016-04-24 19.30.38Our fist Real campfire since December in the panhandle. 2016-04-24 13.22.31We had lunch at Carver’s Applehouse Restaurant. It was a beautiful location overlooking the apple orchard.

One day we had lunch at Janice’s on Hwy 321.  It was a great meat and three.  If you are ever near Cosby, try them out.

We left Cosby on Wednesday, April 27, 2016. We only had to drive to Sevierville, TN.  This is my kind of drive.  It was a beautiful drive on Hwy 321 from Cosby to Gatlinburg.2016-04-26 12.50.292016-04-26 12.52.00Oh, how I love the Smoky Mountains.

2016-04-27 08.41.50We checked in at Riverside RV Park and Resort, site 47.  This is another beautiful park.  We are very close to the Knife Store, YEAH!2016-04-27 08.42.07The RV park is right on the Little Pigeon River.2016-04-27 17.45.532016-04-27 17.47.38We even had a bunny at our site.2016-04-28 14.08.43We even did a little fishing.  This is my kind of campground.  We will definitely come back to this park.

Friday, April 29, 2016  Road trip to Crossville to visit new friends we made in Bushnell at Blueberry Hill.2016-04-29 15.11.32Wanda and Lee Justice2016-04-29 15.11.36We had a wonderful visit.  Wanda was so sweet to make lunch, baked spaghetti and a CAKE called Pig Out Cake.  It was all wonderful.  It was so much fun to see them again.  The day went by too fast.  We can’t wait to see them in Florida this winter.2016-04-29 11.42.52They have a beautiful home in Crossville. They also took us a tour of Lake Tansi.  It was beautiful.  They had a lake house until they bought this house and still have a couple of vacant lots and are still members.  2016-04-29 11.42.43Behind that door in front of the truck is their beautiful motor coach.  Their property is a beautiful oasis.

2016-04-29 17.23.59Then on Saturday, April 30, 2016 we moved 6.4 miles to River Plantation RV Resort.  This is Really My kind of travel day.  20160430_163148We are all set up on Site 204.  We feel like we are back home.  This is the campground where we have spent the most time camping over the years.  It feels good to be back.

We are here for a week for the RV Dreams Spring Educational Rally.  Howard and Linda have been full timing for over 10 years.  We had the pleasure of meeting them for lunch in February with Ron and Linda Prater.  A Plus – Howard is a UofL fan and from Louisville. They both graduated from Western Kentucky University.  They gotta be good people.

We are looking forward to learning from them and the other 150 people that have signed up for this rally.

Thanks for following our blog.  C & L