Nashville, TN

May 8 – 15, 2016

Home Sweet Home, well kind of.  Since we are full time RVers now, our home is on wheels. But Nashville will always feel like home.  We had a very busy week in Nashville.  Trying to fit in all the doctor visits, family visits and seeing as many friends as we could fit in.20160508_121552We set up camp at the marina where Cliff is still a member.  It is very convenient to everything.20160508_121540I did not take pictures of everyone we saw, but I sure enjoyed all of my visits.20160508_170412Cliff’s family had us over for dinner.  Love this group of people.  I could spend a lot of time with this bunch.20160508_170414We all hiked Mt. LeConte together in 2012.20160513_203941Then it was Friday night at the Moose Lodge for steak and visiting with a fun group of people.20160513_20400120160513_204005Two of my favorite people, Danny and Susan.20160514_161024Saturday evening, a small group threw us a reunion dinner.  Greatest friends in the world.20160514_16105020160514_161142This is inside the party dock at the marina.20160514_161204Cliff and Big O20160514_161730Ted and Ann20160514_161217Sweet Celeste, Chris, Ron and Sweet Ashley.20160514_173859Getting the table set.20160514_173930Some appetizers.20160514_174707A gift of bug spray for our camping trips.20160514_174735There is sweet Eve in the background.20160514_161156Even Samson came.20160514_174805Celeste and Deb20160514_185248And there is my very best friend, Sheila with Chris and Celeste.  Sheila is affectionately referred to as the “Invitor”.  So you know she was the one that pulled this whole thing together.  I miss that crazy girl.20160514_190836Grilled Salmon20160514_190911Beef tenderloin20160514_193008What a spread.20160514_193242Deb and Bridget hamming it up at the other end of the table.20160514_19540820160514_195452Ann and Nan in the middle with Chip.20160514_195945Chris and Herb.20160514_195748Sheila and Chip  Thank you to everyone.

We could not have asked for a better send off.  Until we meet again.

Sunday May 15, 201620160515_194126Left Nashville Sunday morning and spent the night at Cliff’s son’s house with Cliff’s triplet grandsons.20160515_194152Nick and Drew20160515_194141Chris with Pops.  Cannot Wait to see them again soon.  Such a wonderful family.

Well, we are off to Indiana to try to get this 5th wheel fixed.  We have been living with the living room slide half way out for 6 weeks.  Ready to get this slide fixed.

2 thoughts on “Nashville, TN

  1. Careful on those terrible Indiana streets. Hope the bumps don’t jar the slide all the way out while traveling. Nashville family and friends treat you right. Salmon and beef tenderloin, ummm

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  2. Looks like you had a great time and some more good food……..until the dreaded DRV manufacturer repairs. OMG. I saw on Messenger what the Director of Customer Service told you. That’s incredible. You should have climbed over the counter and taught him a little respect and what “patience” means. 🙂 Tell Cliff we said “Hi”. Looking forward to seeing you guys in June.


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