Niagara Falls, NY

Monday June 20, 2016, Longest Day of the Year  87 degrees in New York

So we are off to Niagara Falls.  Cliff went when he was about 12 years old and I was there when I was about 6.  I remember a few things, but it has really changed.20160620_090612One of the Scary high bridges from Buffalo to Niagara Falls.20160620_09063220160620_090635Buffalo River.  I know it does not look that high, but it was High!20160620_100731The rapids before the Falls.20160620_112221That boat comes from Canada, called the Hornblower Niagara Cruises. You can tell because they have on Red rain coats.20160620_112235Amazing!!20160620_112238This is the American Falls on the left and the Horseshoe falls in the distance.20160620_112405We walked out on the Observation Deck.  It was so windy, we had to remove our hats.  It was so windy, I thought it was going to blow my phone out of my hands.20160620_112412I remember that tower in the distance.  When we came here when I was about 6 years old, we went to the Canadian side and my parents bought me wooden shoes at the base of that tower.  Then we had dinner at the top in the revolving dining room.   It is called Skylon Tower.  We decided not to go to Canada, but we saw it.20160620_112538Beautiful.  Very hard to describe the beauty.20160620_112541The Canada tour boat again.20160620_112615It was very windy on the observation deck, so no hats.  Cute picture though. My hair is crazy wild.20160620_112701Canada20160620_112705The Rainbow Bridge to Canada.20160620_112713The Canadian Dock.20160620_112730There it is, the “Maid of the Mist”.  Blue rain coats.20160620_112841You can see both the Canadian tour boat and the Maid of the Mist.20160620_112844Sorry, but I could not get enough of the beauty.20160620_112848The folks from the Maid of the Mist can walk a path closer to the falls.  We were really high up on the observation deck.20160620_113719We got pretty close to the edge.20160620_11373920160620_113958Rapids.  It was so cool.20160620_11403020160620_12161120160620_121642They are building a new observation area.  It will really be nice when it is finished.20160620_121647It will be really close to the falls.  It will be nice.20160620_12202420160620_12205220160620_12205920160620_125443New York uses the falls for power.20160620_125500Rainbow Bridge from Niagara Falls to Canada.20160620_130919We made it to Lake Ontario. We drove north to Youngstown, NY.  Beautiful park at the waters edge.20160620_130923We have now been to all 5 of the Great Lakes.20160620_131442On a clear day, you should see Toronto.  It was not a clear day, so this is all we saw.20160620_132218The Estates along Lake Ontario were amazing!!20160620_141430Back to Buffalo and the first Cabela’s store we have ever been to.  Looking for telescoping fishing rods.20160620_141738Big Buffalo.20160620_141741Cool Store.20160620_161547Success with the fishing poles.  Telescoping rods.  Easy to store in the 5th wheel.

Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty much down days.  We went to Walmart and hung out at the 5th Wheel.  We saw a deer and have a groundhog that keeps coming out.20160622_10502720160622_105044This is the mother.  There is a baby too, but I could not get his picture.20160622_153834The Moose Lodge has a Blue Moon special,  $1.50 draft, for a limited time.  So we took them up on that since we are here.

Thursday was laundry day.  We found a very nice laundromat in Hamburg.  The machines even take credit cards. It was busy, but we only had to spend $5.25 to do all of the laundry.  Then off to the Moose Lodge for our last night.  Thursday night is wing night and again $1.50 special on Blue Moon.20160619_133207We really enjoyed our time at the Moose Lodge 992.  They were so nice to us and made us feel like family.  We recommend this Lodge to anyone.  They don’t have a pump out, but we stayed 7 days and did fine. They only have 110v service and water.  The weather was so nice, so we did fine with just fans and leaving the windows open.  It kept the refrigerator cold and that was the main thing.20160623_190606My new friend Jan and her husband Al.  She and I got pretty good at synchronized drinking.  We were watching the synchronized diving nationals and it got us inspired.  We got a 9.9 and eventually a 10.  Thanks Jan.20160623_190613Mike is the Governor.  He likes to fish and might move to Alabama so he can do a lot of fishing.  Erin, the bartender, is such an inspiration.  Raising a daughter on her own, who is now going to college.  Good for you Erin.  You are the best.20160623_192752Mike and Andy.  Andy was a blast.  Hope to see you all again sometime.  We had a blast in Hamburg, NY.  The Moose Lodage has a car show every Friday night, called Moose Cruise.  We were here for the one last weekend.  It is a big attraction for this Lodge.  Saturday night is the Campfire.  You can see the campfire last Saturday if you check out our blog about Hamburg, NY.20160623_195052Cliff and Erin.  Erin is going to come see us in Florida.

We had a wonderful time in Hamburg, NY.  Now we are off to the Finger Lakes region of New York State.  Again, we have no idea what to expect.  Everyone told us it is beautiful. We can’t wait.  We will miss our friends in Hamburg.

Buffalo, NY

June 19, 2016  Father’s Day

I want to wish my father, Ed Davis, a Happy Father’s Day.  Love you very much.

The Moose Lodge fixed a free breakfast for all Dad’s.  It was very nice.  People we had met over the weekend were there and brought us new brochures of the area.  After breakfast, we headed out to find the Made in America store in Elma, NY.20160619_104456Mark Andol started this store in 2010.  They only sell products that are 100% made in America.  How cool is that?  You can read the history here.20160619_10460420160619_10462820160619_104641We bought a new broom. Lipman.  100% American made. They even sold Jack Daniel’s T-shirts.  Must be 100% made in America.  That is cool.20160619_112940Then off to Buffalo.20160619_113002Coca-Cola Field, Home of the Buffalo Bisons.20160619_113105That is City Hall.  DANG!!20160619_113126We drove right into downtown.20160619_113225Such pretty flowers.20160619_11433420160619_114339So we parked and walked over to what is called “Canalside”.  21-acre park on Lake Erie in Downtown Buffalo.  It was a beautiful day and crowded with people.20160619_114422October 26, 1825 The Erie Canal was opened. Governor Dewitt Clinton officially opened the canal. This was 8 years after he first broke ground on the 363 mile canal.  Governor Clinton boarded a packet boat, the Seneca Chief, bound for New York City.  He took along 2 wooded kegs filled with water from Lake Erie.  The canal opened trade from the Great Lakes to the Eastern Seaboard and Europe.  On November 4, the boats reached the end of the canal, at Albany.  From there, steamboats escorted the Seneca Chief down the Hudson River to the New York City Harbor.  In a triumphant ceremony, Governor Clinton poured the Lake Erie water into the Atlantic, wedding the Great Lakes to the ocean.20160619_114606They offer boat tours and Pirate ship adventures.20160619_114716Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park.  This is the USS Little Rock, a Guided Missile Cruiser.  She is the sole surviving member of that fleet.20160619_11475020160619_114756The Spirit of Buffalo.20160619_114950Large waterfront area for boats.  This is the Buffalo River.20160619_115006Large boardwalk area.20160619_11502420160619_115037Lots and lots of kayaks. That is Times Beach Nature Preserve across the water.20160619_11504120160619_115104This leads to the Niagara River which leads to Niagara Falls.20160619_115154Buffalo is well known for their grain business. This photo was taken in 1868.20160619_11580520160619_11582520160619_121007The original Frontier Elevator was constructed in 1886.  In 1903, the Washburn-Crosby Co. built a brick flour mill next door, along with nine tile storage bins.  Much expansion took place in 1908-09 with a new mill and concrete elevator.  By 1913 it was the fourth largest elevating and milling company in the country.  After WWI the milling industry became very unstable.  In 1928 James Bell of Washburn-Crosby aligned a number of smaller milling companies to merge into the new General Mills. In 1941 a new mill for cereal & packaged goods was completed. When the plant opened it introduced “Cheerioats”, the country’s first ready-to-eat oat cereal.  In 1945 the name was changed to “Cheerios” to settle a trademark dispute. 20160619_121834There are a number of little parks around downtown.20160619_12184020160619_122554Very shallow pools for paddle boating.20160619_124046First Niagara Center – Home of the NHL- Buffalo Sabres20160619_124951The Liberty Building20160619_125243Has 2 Statues of Liberty.20160619_125449City Hall. Wow!20160619_12551620160619_125749Public Art.20160619_12575920160619_12584020160619_125848The 13th President 1850 -1853.  The last president not to be affiliated with either the Republican or Democratic parties.  He assumed the presidency after Zachary Taylor’s death.20160619_12594120160619_125956Cool looking building.20160619_130033All of these large buildings make the truck look really small.  That is a large church with the clock tower in the distance.20160619_131100Buffalo Harbor State Park.  This place is huge.

We enjoyed Buffalo a lot more than I would have expected.  It is off to Niagara Falls tomorrow. Cheers.

Hamburg, NY

Friday June 17, 2016

We left Geneva on the Lake early and headed to New York, by way of Pennsylvania.20160617_08015520160617_084200We can still see Lake Erie.20160617_084728And vineyards everywhere.20160617_08475320160617_084804We did not stay very long in PA. Drove by Erie, PA, but not much to take a picture of there.20160617_085655Miles of vineyards. So beautiful.20160617_104904This is where the Buffalo Bills play. We are heading to Orchard Park to Colton RV. They are going to look at our slide topper and let us when they can fix it.  Stacy at Colton RV was so nice to us.  She is probably the nicest person we have met that works for an RV Dealer.  We were there for maybe a hour. And off to Hamburg we went.  She even called us to let us know that she had contacted our Extended Warranty provider and they are going to take care of the repair.  This was on a Friday afternoon.  I am going to write a letter to her boss. Thank you Stacy.20160617_095136Welcome to Hamburg, NY.  Less than 20 miles south of Buffalo, NY.20160619_133207Moose Lodge 992.20160618_174449We have 110 power, enough to keep the refrigerator running and water.  What else do you need?20160618_174552Mike, the Governor of the Lodge, was so nice and got us all set up.  He gave us a lot of information about the area and where everything is that we might need.20160618_174511They have to have these for the winters here.20160618_174522They have a bonfire every Saturday night.20160617_135747First stop, Walmart.  This is one of the fanciest Walmarts we have ever seen.20160617_13580520160617_162437Friday night Fish Fry at the Moose Lodge. They have place mats with the calendar of events and advertisements.. Very clever.20160617_162446They can seat a lot of people.20160617_164230This is the fish dinner for $8.00. 20160617_164234I had the fish sandwich. 20160617_164302Erin the bartender, was super nice too.  We were happy campers.20160617_172316Then we won $100.00 on a pull tab. How fun is that?20160617_172327Great night in Hamburg, NY.


Saturday June 18, 201620160618_083551Decided to go sightseeing today. This is a lake front park.20160618_083612There once was a dance club here during 1940s.  It was destroyed by a fire in 1954.20160618_083643We could see the windmills in Buffalo, NY from here.20160618_083700A beautiful day.20160618_083728Rocky shoreline.20160618_091307We took Hwy 5 south to Old Lake Shore Road. The estates along this road were amazing!20160618_09132720160618_100328We ended up in Seneca Indian Reservation where they have very inexpensive diesel. $2.1120160618_10033120160618_10045320160618_100955We had lunch at Aunt Millie’s. I had a Buffalo Chicken sandwich, which is the best I have ever had.20160618_10100120160618_110114They are known for their pastries and pies.20160618_11012120160618_11012420160618_11013120160618_110137We did not have any of these, but they looked good.20160618_114403We went to Willow Creek Winery and had a wine tasting. There are several wineries in this area. This is Silver Creek, NY.20160618_114331This is the tasting room.20160618_114340This is a family owned winery.  They grow all their own grapes. 20160618_114428A crowd going in as we were leaving.20160618_115217Stopped at Liberty Vineyard.20160618_11515220160618_11522020160618_115251There are grape vines everywhere.  Most are privately owned and they sell their grapes to Welch’s. 20160618_11525820160618_11530220160618_121307Then to Merritt Vineyards. They advertised that they did tours, but that is not the case. We are really looking for an educational tour on wine making.  Apparently, the wineries up here don’t offer tours.20160618_12131420160618_12132120160618_121406The flowers are so beautiful here. 20160618_12141020160618_200734Nice sunset.20160618_201514We made it back in time for the Saturday night bonfire.  Met some new people and enjoyed our evening.20160618_204627And a full moon.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and the Moose Lodge is serving free breakfast to all the Dad’s.  After breakfast we might head into Buffalo and take a look around.

Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio or GOTL

June 13 – 16, 2016

Monday June 13 – we left Huron for Geneva on the Lake, Ohio.  We don’t know anything about this area, but it sounded interesting and there is a Sun Resort there.20160612_142211Big freighter being repaired in Huron.20160613_080338We went through Cleveland.  Waved to Chris, who was at work when we drove through.20160613_080413Stadium where the Cleveland Browns play.20160613_081659More windmills along Interstate 90.20160613_08171820160614_113715Welcome to Geneva on the Lake, Ohio20160614_113718(0)20160616_142248Indian Creek RV & Camping Resort.20160616_142320The entrance is so nice with all the flags.20160616_130107Very well maintained park.  The seasonal campers and park model homes are very well maintained.20160613_100511They gave us site #236 on the pond.  Very nice. When we went to put the slide out, the slide topper broke.  Just snapped off. Just something else that has to be fixed.20160613_100528The end did not come off on this end.20160614_131245_001Out site is very long and level with the little pond in the back.  Cliff climbed on the roof and got the slide topper disconnected.  See it laying on the ground.  The topper is made by Carefree, so we checked the internet for local dealers.  There is a dealer close to Hamburg, NY which is where we are going next.  We set up an appointment for Friday on our way to Hamburg.20160614_13120420160614_131212Lots of geese and ducks.20160614_164621Super nice fire pit with grill20160614_164645The bundle of fire wood was $6.00. Pretty high.


Tuesday June 14, 201620160614_111430We decided to go find the Walmart.  It is in Ashtabula, Ohio.  Small town on Lake Erie.20160614_111434A large coal company right on the water.20160614_111509The main bridge into town.20160614_111550Conveyor to get the coal across the canal.20160614_11162020160614_111731The downtown area is so beautiful.  I would have loved to gone in that Harbor Store. Very cute stuff in the window.20160614_11174020160614_111752There are flowers everywhere.20160614_112534Hwy 531 between Ashtabula and GOTL, goes right along the coast.  The view these people have of the Lake is incredible.20160614_112609The view on Hwy 531 is beautiful.20160614_112707Not too shabby.20160614_112815They don’t have a view, but it is a very cute house.20160614_112904Nice house, beautiful flowers and an awesome view of the Lake.20160614_112928Check out this Elks Lodge.20160614_112935They have a awesome view too.20160614_11350220160614_113533Just riding along.20160614_115653Then to downtown Geneva on the Lake.20160614_120313it is like a little Gatlinburg. One main drag with stores, games and restaurants.20160614_114930Not everything is open yet for the season.20160614_120337And the oldest miniature golf course in the US.20160614_114156No big chain hotels, just little cottages on Lake Erie.20160614_12414920160614_114353We had lunch at Eddie’s Grill.  Heike told us it is a landmark.  The hamburger was great.20160614_114405They have outdoor counter seating, indoor and a back patio. You order your food and they call your number when it is ready.20160614_123840In 1950, while still in high school, Eddie Sezon opened Eddie’s Grill with 10 stools.20160614_120809You walk out back of Eddie’s to see the Lake.20160614_12343220160614_123546Most of the houses are for rent.20160614_12355020160614_120632All the little streets deadend into the Lake.20160614_11490420160614_115811We went into a store to buy a sticker and the young man helping us had gone to school in Roane County, TN.  He liked us and the owner gave us a ticket to play Fascination.  We did not know what this was.  They give you 2 balls and a certain amount of time.  The first person to get your balls in a row wins.  You play against as many people as you want. Since the were only 2 of us, it was pretty easy.20160614_115953I won with the diagonal.  You throw the ball under the plastic and try to get it in a certain hole to make a line. 10 minutes of fun. All I won was another token to use for prizes.  One token was not going to get me anything, so I gave to a young woman that was playing on the other side of the room.20160616_130341Some fancy golf carts at Indian Creek.

Wednesday, it rained all day and Thursday was overcast.  I went to The Lakehouse Spa and had a pedicure. It was great.  And we did some laundry.20160616_141916Across the street from the RV park is a walk out.  All you can do is walk out on the platform and look around. This beach belongs to the condos across the street. We were not allowed down there.20160616_141924Clouds were rolling in for some more rain.

Friday is a Travel Day.  We are off to New York State.  Bye Ohio, it has been a blast.

Huron, Ohio

June 10 – June 13, 2016

I am sorry it has taken so long to get this post up, but the internet has been kind of sketchy lately and I could not get the picture to load.

So here we go, let me catch you up on our last week.20160610_090820We left Michigan Friday morning and headed to Ohio.20160610_104318They have service plazas on I-90 in Ohio that have hook ups for traveling RVers. Very cool.

Mini-Table 7 Reunion in Huron, Ohio.  We stayed at the Huron River Valley Resort, Marina and Campground.  Not a bad place.  We had electric and water and a very level site.  We arrived on Friday afternoon, had a small scare when the level up system stopped working.  But Cliff jiggled some wires around and it started working. Wha-lah!20160610_133526I forgot to take a photo of our site, but you can see it on the left.  This is where Roger and Dawn are going to park when they get here. Very nice long, level pull through sites.20160610_161921Heike and Chris wanted to make sure Cliff’s Whooping stick was still in one piece.  He has been pretty good lately, so no need to use it.20160610_175810Heike and Chris got here late afternoon and Roger and Dawn arrived around 5:30.  We are all set up and enjoying seeing each other again.  We sure wish Lisa and Todd were here. It would have made the weekend totally complete.20160610_175823We had appetizers and wine and special vodka drinks that Chris makes.20160610_180211Then Roger and Dawn bring out the most special gift I have ever seen. You see, Roger is a Farrier.  He shoes horses and he made each of us a Christmas Tree out of horseshoes. Each shoe has a small hole at the top to hang an ornament. You should see all the things he makes with horseshoes.  It is amazing!!20160610_180245Now we have to figure out how to get this to Lisa and Todd.  Cliff and I will be the closest ones to them later in the summer, so we hope we can get this to them.20160610_185352Heike and Cliff, the two real estate agents, talking smack all weekend.20160610_185428Chris and Heike and Chris’ Long John Silvers cup.  That thing must be 20 years old.20160610_192042Buddy – Smile20160610_192055Okay!20160610_192058We had such a wonderful evening.  Roger and Dawn brought out some food and we did some grilling.

Saturday, June 11, 201620160611_095229This is Chris’ boat. The forecast called for rain all day, but when Saturday got here, it turned into a very beautiful day for a boat ride.20160611_10154820160611_101640This is a very nice marina on Huron River.20160611_101712Huron Lagoon Marina20160611_10172820160611_10224920160611_102412That is Lake Erie.  So far this is the fourth Great Lake we have seen.  We have been on the water on Lake Huron, Lake Superior and now Lake Erie.  We only saw Lake Michigan, but did not go on it.20160611_102817Chris’ boat has got some power. 20160611_103659It was a little choppy going out, so we all had to hold on.20160611_103712The water sprayed up on the sides of the boat.20160611_10441020160611_104414Me with the Captain.20160611_104752Cedar Point – Known as the roller coaster capital of the world. More picture later.20160611_10511420160611_105432Lots of beautiful sailboats.20160611_105952This is “Dock of the Bay Marina” in Sandusky, Ohio.20160611_11012020160611_110314Sailboat races.20160611_11073820160611_11082120160611_110952(0)You can see the car on the track coming over the top.20160611_11114720160611_111353Large wooden coaster.20160611_11160020160611_111830A great day for a boat ride.20160611_111840The birds are loving it.20160611_11185220160611_11190820160611_11201720160611_112042People out on jet skis.  Water is still a little to chilly for me.20160611_112058Nice classic antique boats.20160611_112455Cedar Point.20160611_112538Nice boat.20160611_112559Check out this ride.  Straight up and over and straight down.20160611_112619That twisted ride looks crazy.20160611_11272420160611_112820This would not be my cup of tea!20160611_11291720160611_11292820160611_113008There they go – UP!20160611_11302620160611_113122Cedar Point is a 365-acre amusement park.  It opened in 1870.  It is the second-oldest operating amusement park in the US.  The park features 71 rides, including 17 roller coasters which is the second -most in the world behind Six Flags Magic Mountain in California.20160611_114108Nice place right on the water.20160611_115751Back to the marina20160611_115824And all the nice sailboats.20160611_120554We went on a cruise of Huron River and the canals.  Nice houses in here.20160611_12060720160611_120652And nice boats.20160611_120723One of Chris and Heike’s friends lives here.20160611_12091320160611_12092720160611_120946Nice place.20160611_121155Those are some pretty good looking plastic palm trees.20160611_12120520160611_121245Looky there, one of Heike’s listings.20160611_121249Nice place Heike.20160611_121625We all decided this would be the best.  It is right on the point.20160611_132942Off to lunch under this huge umbrellas.20160611_132903But not at Table 15, ugh!20160611_135219Yes, Table 7 will do.20160611_133603Dawn and Roger enjoying the day.20160611_133606Heike and Cliff20160611_135238Oh, Table 7, less Lisa and Todd and John. We missed you guys.  The beer was good and Cold.20160611_135445Perch sandwich.  My first time, it was delicious.20160611_153515Heike’s find for the marina friends.


Sunday June 12, 201620160612_084009Breakfast Sunday morning at Main Street Tavern.20160612_084128Cool place and the food was great.

We said our good-byes to Roger and Dawn. They had to head back home.  One of Chris’ best friends, Chris Jensen, is having a graduation party for his son Jim.  And we got invited. So we thought, why not, we have never been to a graduation party in Ohio and when will we ever get invited to another one.  Plus we get to spend a few more hours with Chris and Heike.20160612_13121220160612_131214We had a blast! Cliff got to play corn hole.20160612_13121620160612_131235That is Jim throwing.  He is the Graduate.20160612_13123820160612_135908Meet Chuck.  He loves the water and likes to drag logs out of the lake and bring them to the party area at the marina.20160612_135912He is so handsome.20160612_141508Really small dog.20160612_141558The host, Chris Jensen, on the left.20160612_141222Thank you Tara, Jim and Chris for inviting us to the party.  That was very special.  Tara is the mother of the graduate on the left.  She certainly knows how to throw a wonderful party. Thank you again.

Thanks to Chris and Heike and Dawn and Roger, we had a wonderful weekend with new friends that we will have for live.  We are so blessed to have met you all.

Otsego and Holland, Michigan

June 8 and June 9, 2016

We left Ludington, MI on Wednesday morning and headed to Norton Shores.  Just south of Muskegon.  Michigan Hwy 31, along the coast of Lake Michigan. You could not see it, but it was there.20160608_073100The windmills are everywhere along the highways.20160608_073106I was just fascinated by them.20160608_085432We got to Discount Tire in Norton Shores.  Very nice people to work with.  We decided to purchase from Discount Tire because they are all over the US.  So if we need them, they won’t be too far away.  If you want to know the story about the tires, here is a link to the post about them once we got to Mackinaw City.20160608_085449We were in and out of there within an hour.  Thanks Discount Tire.  We purchased G614 Goodyear.

On to Otsego, Michigan for a few nights at the Moose Lodge campground.  $20.00 a night with 30 amp service and water.  Not bad.20160608_16293120160608_163038(0)Now how cute is that!!  See the moose in the distance on the left?20160608_132929We got all set up. Look at how low the front end is.  It is almost sitting on the ground, but we are level.  Met a couple of people.  Buddy was nice enough to find us a fire ring and brought it to us.  Then gave us some firewood.  Love these Moose. This is a pretty big campground.  Most are seasonal and hang out here in the summer.  The campground closes mid-October and opens up in mid-April.20160608_153015We decided to go up to the Lodge and thought we were back in Florida. There were more golf carts and 4 wheelers in the parking lot than automobiles.20160608_155636Nice lodge inside.  First beer was free because we had traveled farther than 50 miles.  We had a small camp fire, but it was so cold, we went in early.

Thursday June 9, 2016 – We decided to drive to Holland, MI.  Not sure what is there since the tulips have already bloomed and no longer in season.  It was only 24 miles away.20160609_085926The Boatwerks Restaurant on Lake Macatawa in Holland, MI.  Looks like a great place.20160609_085956The City park downtown. Very nice.20160609_090425Large Heinz plant here.20160609_092751We found Nelis’ Dutch Village.20160609_092226This is the main entrance.20160609_09280420160609_093004Dutch Village Entrance and bell tower.20160609_09304320160609_093500There are statues all over the park with cute signs explaining what life was like in the Netherlands.20160609_093510I took this because I thought it was interesting that a luxury liner was names “Alabama” used in the Great Lakes.20160609_093735Delft Pottery20160609_09372820160609_093753Some of the molds.20160609_093815Beautiful pieces.20160609_094050And all of the shoes.  Found out they went to wooden shoes because leather became extinct.  The cattle all died of foot and mouth disease.  Also, the wooden shoes helped them walk through the marshy lands of the Netherlands.20160609_094217There is a demonstration of how the wooden shoes were made before machinery took over.20160609_094251You can try these on to see what size you wear.20160609_09435120160609_09530720160609_095317This is an old fable.20160609_09531320160609_095423Dutch dancing.20160609_09580720160609_095814Some ducks.20160609_10070320160609_095819Barn20160609_101055The Sheep posed for pictures.20160609_101106An Alpaca hanging out with the sheep.20160609_10112820160609_101138The three little pigs.20160609_101258The little sheep.20160609_101353And goats.20160609_10140320160609_101425These guys were so cute.  You can walk them on a leash.20160609_101444Llama20160609_101522He liked to have his picture taken.20160609_10152320160609_101533This little guy volunteers at the park.  He is home schooled and works with the animals when he can.  He said this llama loves to get hugs.  He was so nice and wanted to give us as much information about the animals as he could.20160609_101640This is a baby goat, 2 weeks old.20160609_101549And this is his mother.20160609_101737Old water fountain surrounded by beautiful flowers.20160609_101946The 12 Provinces of the Netherlands.20160609_102010They wore different clothing in each province.20160609_102032And different colored wooden shoes.20160609_102014This was a miniature of a village.  The windmills were used to grind grain.20160609_102148Skies.20160609_10215320160609_102445All the clocks. They were so pretty.  This was a nice visit and we learned some about the Dutch.  We met a woman in the gift shop whose grandparents were one of the first settlers here in Holland in the late 1800’s.


Something different about these trucks.20160609_115203We have seen these trucks all over Michigan.  Check out all the wheels.

20160609_115400Then we came across the Haworth Headquarters.  This is the furniture I used to purchase for my projects.  Been using the furniture for almost 20 years.20160609_115403I wish we could have gone on a tour.

Map of MichiganWell, I think we have done as much damage to Michigan as we can.  The pink line shows where we have driven and the yellow highlights are where we stayed. (Except for Sault Ste.Marie, I got carried away.)  We did not make it to the thumb of mitten, but we think we hit the highlights in the rest of the state.  We did miss Traverse City, so we might have to make that another trip.

Tomorrow we are heading to Huron, Ohio for a mini-reunion with Table 7.  Safe travels!

Ludington, MI

June 3, 2016 – June 8, 2016

20160603_051810We woke up to this sunrise on Friday June 3rd.  The last beautiful sunrise for a while.  This is travel day and we are heading to the West Coast of Michigan.  We left Mackinaw City around 9:00 AM and heading south west to Ludington, MI.  We took I-75 South to MI-127 and we took that south to MI-55 West toward Cadillac.  Then we discovered we really needed some gas. So we drove downtown Cadillac looking for the Speedway.  It all worked out fine, but I was a nervous wreck.  There was a 8% grade down into the town. It was short, but still Crazy! 20160606_084836 We checked into Vacation Station RV Resort around 1:30.  Beautiful RV park.20160606_08513420160603_140516This was hilarious.  Being a Louisville Alumni, it never surprises me where I see UK fans.  We are in Michigan, for Pete’s sake and parked right across the street from a UK fan.  Come on!!

20160603_143808We headed to downtown Ludington.  They are known for their large beach and the Sand Dunes at the Ludington State Park. This was a place just outside the State Park.20160603_144041The sand dunes where wonderful.  No way to catch good photos.


They have a lot of sand dune trails and a lot of places to kayak.  Very nice park.20160603_145615The beach downtown Ludington.  Today was a little chilly and breezy, so it is not very crowded.20160603_145623Sorry so blurry, tried to zoom in with my phone camera.  Ludington Lighthouse.20160603_150021Ludington Municipal Marina.  This town is right on Lake Michigan.  Beautiful.20160603_15002220160603_153701We went looking for fresh fish since we are right on Lake Michigan.  Google sent us here.  They only offer smoked fish and there is no one there.  It is all on the Honor system.  The prices on marked on the coolers, you pick out what you want, and put your money through a slot in the door.  We are loving these places with zero crime.  We did not buy anything, because it was all large amounts, but a cool place.20160603_192343Our site for a few days.  Site #100. It was nice enough to have a camp fire. This will be the only night for that.  Weather went down hill from here.20160604_085143Went for a walk around the RV park.  They also offer cabins to rent.20160604_085207They have one of these for rent too.20160604_090634The flowers and evergreens are beautiful20160604_102430On Saturday we went looking for a farm to pick Asparagus.  It just so happens that asparagus is in season right now.  It only last about a month and the season is late this year due to colder than normal weather in May.  We are driving through the country and saw all of these.20160604_10283520160607_13055020160607_130710_001It was so cool.  They are all over this country side.20160604_102639Check out this old school.20160604_10264320160604_103608We finally found the asparagus farmer.  They don’t let you pick your own anymore, something about liability.  This is the best asparagus we have ever had.  It is large, but very sweet.  They picked this this morning.  The blue tubs under the black lid is full of asparagus on ice.  $1.50 a pound.  Amazing!!  It still had some dirt on it.  We grilled asparagus for 4 nights in a row.

On Saturday June 4 we headed north to Manistee, MI. It is also on Lake Michigan and Manistee Lake.  Cute place.  Kind of overcast today, so there are not very many people out.20160604_11274420160604_112752Main Street.20160604_115619The Manistee Lake goes out to Lake Michigan.20160604_124322We walked down the Main street, went in a few shops and decided on lunch at The Boathouse Grill. Check out that front door!20160604_124313I had a chicken sandwich with avocado and swiss cheese, it was very good. One of my favorites. Cliff had the special, a Cuban sandwich, but it did not have the right kind of bread, so not his favorite.20160604_115626We sat out on the patio overlooking the Manistee Lake.20160604_130539The park on Lake Michigan.20160604_130545Lighthouse looks like it got its top knocked off.20160604_131309Beautiful church in Manistee.20160605_083802This part of Michigan has beautiful evergreens.

Sunday June 5, 2016  Rainy and a chilly 60 degrees.  We went to Walmart and made some soup.20160605_084536We went for a walk through the park.  People can be so creative with their decorations. This is a light pole.  Very creative.20160605_202017We had a rain storm and then we had this.20160605_20263720160605_20264520160605_20271020160605_20272820160605_202759It was beautiful!!


Monday June 6, 201620160606_085305The sun came out in the morning.  The flowers in the campground are beautiful.20160606_08531120160606_085323The pool that we have not been able to enjoy because it has been too cold.  It is June.20160606_150303Almost everyone left on Sunday, so the park is pretty empty. Our UK friends are staying for the summer. 20160606_150328A few shots of our campsite.20160606_150337

Tuesday June 7, 2016   Woke up to rain and chilly weather.20160607_123225We decided to drive to Pentwater, MI.  About 15 miles south of Ludington.20160607_12322920160607_123324Right on the water.  Cute town.20160607_124018Lots of sailboats.20160607_124133Cute shops. This is Ships Store.  Would love to go in here.20160607_124539A large beach on Lake Michigan.20160607_12455120160607_124602Water is rough.20160607_124825Nice campground right here.  Mears State Park.20160607_140326I told the Triplets that we were not going to Flint, but this is the area of the campground where we are parked.

We are heading south tomorrow for new tires and then on to the mini-Table 7 reunion in Huron, Ohio. We are so looking forward to seeing part of our Table 7 friends.  Safe travels.

Sault Ste. Marie

Tuesday May 21, 201620160531_085150The “Mighty Mac” as it is called in Michigan.  The Mackinac Bridge cost $4.00 each way to cross.  They are constantly working on this bridge.  The speed limit is 45 mph and if your truck is loaded, it is 20 mph.  The trucks move very slow across this bridge. This is the fifth longest suspension bridge in the world. It spans the Straits of Mackinac and connects the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan.  It was completed in 1957.  The bridge carries I-75  from Mackinaw City on the south to St.Ignace on the north.20160531_08522320160531_08523520160531_085313Half way across.  It is only 5 miles across, but seems a lot longer.

We are on our way to Sault Ste.Marie in the UP.  It is pronounced Soo St.Marie.  It was the first town in Michigan.  It is about an hour north of Mackinaw City.  It is between Lake Huron and Lake Superior.

We are going to take the Soo Locks Boat Tour.  The tour does not start until 1:00, so we went to find a place to eat and drove by Karl’s Cuisine as they were opening.20160531_104435The restaurant sits right across the street from the locks.20160531_10445020160531_100147We met Karl’s wife and had such a wonderful conversation.  The food was fantastic.  They use fresh and locally grown food.  They own their winery and make their own wine. I had… ELLIOT’S CHICKEN SPECIAL Our foodie son Elliot created this amazing sandwich, it’s a work of art. Sliced chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, tomato, fresh basil, Michigan dried cherries and peppercorn ranch.  It was wonderful.  Cliff had soup and half a reuben.  I also tried one of their wines, a Sauvignon Blanc called “This Old Wine”.  It was very good with a taste of peaches.20160531_101113They just remodeled in February and were still putting up art work on the walls.  The canvases are their wine labels.  Very clever.

20160531_112020A quick stop at the Tower of History.  Fast elevator ride to the top for a great view.20160531_11202420160531_111305A view of the St.Mary’s River.20160531_111309The long building on the right below is the Cloverland Electric Cooperative Hydroelectric Plant. More on that later.20160531_11132620160531_111413In the distance is a bridge that takes you to Canada.  In front of the bridge is the St. Mary’s Rapids.20160531_111523Oh, and there is Canada across the St. Mary’s River.20160531_111530Beautiful view from up here.20160531_110708This is the church next door.  Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church.  This is the oldest Catholic Church in Michigan.  The mission started in 1668.  The present structure was built in 1881.  There are only 2 churches in the country that are older than this one, one in St.Augustine and one in Santa Fe, NM.20160531_112057

20160531_115218The Soo Locks Boat Tour.They only do tours from May 15 –  October 15.  BECAUSE THE LAKES FREEZE OVER.  That seems so crazy to us.  This is a LOT of water.20160531_114655That is our tour boat.20160531_120550Really nice campground right on the water.  This is owned by the city.  Pretty Cool.  We would love to camp there someday.20160531_121000The Cloverland Electric Cooperative Hydroelectric Plant.  The construction was completed in 1902. The excavation of the hydro canal started in 1898.20160531_121040Check out the lighthouses on the facade.  The plant is constructed of steel and red sandstone. The stone was excavated from the power canal.

  • The hydro plant generates between 25 and 30 megawatts of electricity on average, or about 225 million kilowatt-hours, annually. It produces one-fifth of the power needs of the eastern Upper Peninsula.

20160531_121431That is the Tower of History from the River.20160531_121859The Soo Locks.20160531_12185020160531_122130Pulling into the lock on the Lake Huron side.20160531_122400The boat is tied off.20160531_122841Shutting the gates on the lower end.20160531_122922Lake Superior is only 21 feet higher than the lower Great Lakes.20160531_123456There it is.20160531_123832it only took about 15 minutes.20160531_123841The gates are opening on the upper side.20160531_124227Observation platform so people can watch as boats go through the locks.20160531_124427The International Highway Bridge.  The bridge to Canada.  See the darker color trusses up ahead?  The railroad tracks raise and lower in each section so the boats can go under. 20160531_124541This is a beautiful Assisted Living facility right on the St.Mary’s River.20160531_124721The one we are under is raised, of course and the one on the right is at normal height for the trains.  A train crosses these tracks about 4 times a day.20160531_124651Long bridge to Ontario Canada. The bridge connects two cities, Sault Ste.Marie, Ontario and Sault Ste.Marie, Michigan.20160531_125918This is a self loading and unloading ship docked in Canada.20160531_13023920160531_131430This is Essar Steel Algoma, Inc.  This place is huge.  I have never seen anything like it.20160531_13144720160531_13150220160531_13171020160531_131920They take all of that stuff and make this.  Rolls of steel.  Only 2 per truck, they are that heavy.20160531_132048Approaching the Canadian Locks.20160531_13250820160531_132410This guy’s jet ski was decked out with fishing gear and he was videoing us with his GoPro.20160531_133043The Canadian Lock is much smaller and only for pleasure boats. No commercial ships can go through this side. This building is built of the red sandstone.20160531_13315620160531_133208It is hard to see, but that water is 21 feet below where we are.20160531_133948Lowering us down.20160531_134245We are now at the level of the lower Great Lakes.20160531_134706Canadian Coast Guard.20160531_134724One of the largest Crosses in Canada.20160531_134952Outdoor amphitheater on the water in Ontario.20160531_135032The Norgoma, one of the last passenger and cargo vessels that traveled the North Channel.  It is now a museum.20160531_13514520160531_135346I bet this would be cool to see.20160531_135727On the other side of those rocks is Canada. Pretty Cool.20160531_142248Sault Ste.Marie Courthouse20160531_14232020160531_154128And back over the Mighty Mac to Mackinaw City.20160602_204408Our last view of this beautiful Lake Huron and the Mackinac Bridge.  We are going to miss this view.

Heading to the west coast of Michigan. Cheers!

Mackinac Island May 30, 2016

Monday May 30, 2016  Mackinac Island, pronounced Mackinaw.20160530_090916Ferry boat ride to Mackinac Island.  A little breezy and chilly, but the sun is out.20160530_093844Round Island Passage Light20160530_09121620160530_093914The Island.  The only way there is by boat or plane.20160530_093909The Grand Hotel20160530_094107A faster ferry passing another light house.20160530_094212Beautiful view.20160530_100034There are a LOT of carriage rides.20160530_100123The only way to get around is by horse drawn wagon, bicycle or walk. That is it.  Pretty Cool.  I have heard of this place my whole life.  20160530_101006There are a lot of hotels and B&Bs on the Island and all that luggage is transported by wagon or bicycle.  There are more hotels than I thought there would have been.20160530_101038The Grand Hotel has their own carriages.20160530_101056And the drivers are a lot more dressed up.20160530_10132920160530_101345Beautiful tulips.20160530_101354We went for a walk.

While doing our 6 month purge of the living room, I came across a picture I had kept.  I knew we were heading to Mackinac Island one day, so I kept this picture of my grandparents.  They visited the island in 1969.Grandma and PaMy grandfather is in the middle, of course and my grandmother is on the right. Not sure  who the other woman is.  They look so happy.  So Cliff and I decided to try to find the same location where this photo was taken.  Not sure if this is it, but we think we found it.20160530_101808We did not dress for the occasion like they did.20160530_101905Nice houses on the Island.20160530_10221320160530_105826Had lunch at Millie’s on Main.20160530_10581720160530_105846Cute place.20160530_113131Doud’s Market – America’s Oldest Grocery Store.  Not sure about that, but that is what it says on the sign.  They had everything including wine.20160530_114322Little Stone Church, literally, that is the name.  The cornerstone was laid in 1904.20160530_11432720160530_114334We shared a carriage ride with another couple.  Our guide was born and raised on the Island.  His horses are Torro on the left and Elvis on the right. 20160530_114343We are heading up the hill to The Grand Hotel.  20160530_114433This is the Governor of Michigan’s summer house. He is actually here today because of the holiday.20160530_114545The flowers outside of The Grand Hotel.20160530_114604_001The Grand Hotel is owned by one man.  I will show you his boat a little later.  Each room in the hotel is different.  It cost $500.00 per person to stay here for one night. After 6:00 PM you must be dressed to have dinner. The men must wear pants and a coat and tie.  He did not tell us what the women have to wear.  The view from up here is spectacular. 20160530_121515_001The stables for the Grand Hotel carriage horses.20160530_114920The Governor’s summer home from a different angle.20160530_122153Fort Mackinac.20160530_12224120160530_12221720160530_122628The view from up here is beautiful.20160530_12263720160530_12265120160530_123026I did not realize it would be so steep.20160530_122930Some really nice houses up on the top.20160530_123515Ste. Anne’s Catholic Church. Established in 1743.20160530_12352620160530_123745Another beautiful house.20160530_124049Meet Elvis on the left and Torro on the right.  In the winter they go to a resort in the UP in Cedarville.  Thanks for the ride guys.20160530_130500The water is very clear.