Mackinac Island May 30, 2016

Monday May 30, 2016  Mackinac Island, pronounced Mackinaw.20160530_090916Ferry boat ride to Mackinac Island.  A little breezy and chilly, but the sun is out.20160530_093844Round Island Passage Light20160530_09121620160530_093914The Island.  The only way there is by boat or plane.20160530_093909The Grand Hotel20160530_094107A faster ferry passing another light house.20160530_094212Beautiful view.20160530_100034There are a LOT of carriage rides.20160530_100123The only way to get around is by horse drawn wagon, bicycle or walk. That is it.  Pretty Cool.  I have heard of this place my whole life.  20160530_101006There are a lot of hotels and B&Bs on the Island and all that luggage is transported by wagon or bicycle.  There are more hotels than I thought there would have been.20160530_101038The Grand Hotel has their own carriages.20160530_101056And the drivers are a lot more dressed up.20160530_10132920160530_101345Beautiful tulips.20160530_101354We went for a walk.

While doing our 6 month purge of the living room, I came across a picture I had kept.  I knew we were heading to Mackinac Island one day, so I kept this picture of my grandparents.  They visited the island in 1969.Grandma and PaMy grandfather is in the middle, of course and my grandmother is on the right. Not sure  who the other woman is.  They look so happy.  So Cliff and I decided to try to find the same location where this photo was taken.  Not sure if this is it, but we think we found it.20160530_101808We did not dress for the occasion like they did.20160530_101905Nice houses on the Island.20160530_10221320160530_105826Had lunch at Millie’s on Main.20160530_10581720160530_105846Cute place.20160530_113131Doud’s Market – America’s Oldest Grocery Store.  Not sure about that, but that is what it says on the sign.  They had everything including wine.20160530_114322Little Stone Church, literally, that is the name.  The cornerstone was laid in 1904.20160530_11432720160530_114334We shared a carriage ride with another couple.  Our guide was born and raised on the Island.  His horses are Torro on the left and Elvis on the right. 20160530_114343We are heading up the hill to The Grand Hotel.  20160530_114433This is the Governor of Michigan’s summer house. He is actually here today because of the holiday.20160530_114545The flowers outside of The Grand Hotel.20160530_114604_001The Grand Hotel is owned by one man.  I will show you his boat a little later.  Each room in the hotel is different.  It cost $500.00 per person to stay here for one night. After 6:00 PM you must be dressed to have dinner. The men must wear pants and a coat and tie.  He did not tell us what the women have to wear.  The view from up here is spectacular. 20160530_121515_001The stables for the Grand Hotel carriage horses.20160530_114920The Governor’s summer home from a different angle.20160530_122153Fort Mackinac.20160530_12224120160530_12221720160530_122628The view from up here is beautiful.20160530_12263720160530_12265120160530_123026I did not realize it would be so steep.20160530_122930Some really nice houses up on the top.20160530_123515Ste. Anne’s Catholic Church. Established in 1743.20160530_12352620160530_123745Another beautiful house.20160530_124049Meet Elvis on the left and Torro on the right.  In the winter they go to a resort in the UP in Cedarville.  Thanks for the ride guys.20160530_130500The water is very clear.20160530_130807This is how to move the flowers.20160530_131146This boat is owned by the man who owns The Grand Hotel.  His house is the same color.  He and his family live on the island.  There are about 500 permanent residents on the Island.20160530_131208Cliff getting a closer look.20160530_13130420160530_13135420160530_133714And this is his bicycle.  We saw him get off the boat and ride off on this bike… in his pants and coat and tie. The best way to get around.20160530_131157This would be a nice hotel to stay in next time.20160530_131216City marina. 20160530_131236Fort Mackinac overlooking the bay. They shoot cannons from up there.20160530_134036Bicycle rental business is big on this Island.  You can bring your own on the ferry for $8.00 more.20160530_134329This is the ferry to St.Ignace in the UP.  The ferry dock.20160530_134455Working horses on the Island20160530_134509View from the dock.20160530_134757This is our ferry back to Mackinaw City.  It is about 40 minutes and cost $18.00 each.  The fast boats are $25.00 each.20160530_210203Another beautiful end to a beautiful day.

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