Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio or GOTL

June 13 – 16, 2016

Monday June 13 – we left Huron for Geneva on the Lake, Ohio.  We don’t know anything about this area, but it sounded interesting and there is a Sun Resort there.20160612_142211Big freighter being repaired in Huron.20160613_080338We went through Cleveland.  Waved to Chris, who was at work when we drove through.20160613_080413Stadium where the Cleveland Browns play.20160613_081659More windmills along Interstate 90.20160613_08171820160614_113715Welcome to Geneva on the Lake, Ohio20160614_113718(0)20160616_142248Indian Creek RV & Camping Resort.20160616_142320The entrance is so nice with all the flags.20160616_130107Very well maintained park.  The seasonal campers and park model homes are very well maintained.20160613_100511They gave us site #236 on the pond.  Very nice. When we went to put the slide out, the slide topper broke.  Just snapped off. Just something else that has to be fixed.20160613_100528The end did not come off on this end.20160614_131245_001Out site is very long and level with the little pond in the back.  Cliff climbed on the roof and got the slide topper disconnected.  See it laying on the ground.  The topper is made by Carefree, so we checked the internet for local dealers.  There is a dealer close to Hamburg, NY which is where we are going next.  We set up an appointment for Friday on our way to Hamburg.20160614_13120420160614_131212Lots of geese and ducks.20160614_164621Super nice fire pit with grill20160614_164645The bundle of fire wood was $6.00. Pretty high.


Tuesday June 14, 201620160614_111430We decided to go find the Walmart.  It is in Ashtabula, Ohio.  Small town on Lake Erie.20160614_111434A large coal company right on the water.20160614_111509The main bridge into town.20160614_111550Conveyor to get the coal across the canal.20160614_11162020160614_111731The downtown area is so beautiful.  I would have loved to gone in that Harbor Store. Very cute stuff in the window.20160614_11174020160614_111752There are flowers everywhere.20160614_112534Hwy 531 between Ashtabula and GOTL, goes right along the coast.  The view these people have of the Lake is incredible.20160614_112609The view on Hwy 531 is beautiful.20160614_112707Not too shabby.20160614_112815They don’t have a view, but it is a very cute house.20160614_112904Nice house, beautiful flowers and an awesome view of the Lake.20160614_112928Check out this Elks Lodge.20160614_112935They have a awesome view too.20160614_11350220160614_113533Just riding along.20160614_115653Then to downtown Geneva on the Lake.20160614_120313it is like a little Gatlinburg. One main drag with stores, games and restaurants.20160614_114930Not everything is open yet for the season.20160614_120337And the oldest miniature golf course in the US.20160614_114156No big chain hotels, just little cottages on Lake Erie.20160614_12414920160614_114353We had lunch at Eddie’s Grill.  Heike told us it is a landmark.  The hamburger was great.20160614_114405They have outdoor counter seating, indoor and a back patio. You order your food and they call your number when it is ready.20160614_123840In 1950, while still in high school, Eddie Sezon opened Eddie’s Grill with 10 stools.20160614_120809You walk out back of Eddie’s to see the Lake.20160614_12343220160614_123546Most of the houses are for rent.20160614_12355020160614_120632All the little streets deadend into the Lake.20160614_11490420160614_115811We went into a store to buy a sticker and the young man helping us had gone to school in Roane County, TN.  He liked us and the owner gave us a ticket to play Fascination.  We did not know what this was.  They give you 2 balls and a certain amount of time.  The first person to get your balls in a row wins.  You play against as many people as you want. Since the were only 2 of us, it was pretty easy.20160614_115953I won with the diagonal.  You throw the ball under the plastic and try to get it in a certain hole to make a line. 10 minutes of fun. All I won was another token to use for prizes.  One token was not going to get me anything, so I gave to a young woman that was playing on the other side of the room.20160616_130341Some fancy golf carts at Indian Creek.

Wednesday, it rained all day and Thursday was overcast.  I went to The Lakehouse Spa and had a pedicure. It was great.  And we did some laundry.20160616_141916Across the street from the RV park is a walk out.  All you can do is walk out on the platform and look around. This beach belongs to the condos across the street. We were not allowed down there.20160616_141924Clouds were rolling in for some more rain.

Friday is a Travel Day.  We are off to New York State.  Bye Ohio, it has been a blast.

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