Niagara Falls, NY

Monday June 20, 2016, Longest Day of the Year  87 degrees in New York

So we are off to Niagara Falls.  Cliff went when he was about 12 years old and I was there when I was about 6.  I remember a few things, but it has really changed.20160620_090612One of the Scary high bridges from Buffalo to Niagara Falls.20160620_09063220160620_090635Buffalo River.  I know it does not look that high, but it was High!20160620_100731The rapids before the Falls.20160620_112221That boat comes from Canada, called the Hornblower Niagara Cruises. You can tell because they have on Red rain coats.20160620_112235Amazing!!20160620_112238This is the American Falls on the left and the Horseshoe falls in the distance.20160620_112405We walked out on the Observation Deck.  It was so windy, we had to remove our hats.  It was so windy, I thought it was going to blow my phone out of my hands.20160620_112412I remember that tower in the distance.  When we came here when I was about 6 years old, we went to the Canadian side and my parents bought me wooden shoes at the base of that tower.  Then we had dinner at the top in the revolving dining room.   It is called Skylon Tower.  We decided not to go to Canada, but we saw it.20160620_112538Beautiful.  Very hard to describe the beauty.20160620_112541The Canada tour boat again.20160620_112615It was very windy on the observation deck, so no hats.  Cute picture though. My hair is crazy wild.20160620_112701Canada20160620_112705The Rainbow Bridge to Canada.20160620_112713The Canadian Dock.20160620_112730There it is, the “Maid of the Mist”.  Blue rain coats.20160620_112841You can see both the Canadian tour boat and the Maid of the Mist.20160620_112844Sorry, but I could not get enough of the beauty.20160620_112848The folks from the Maid of the Mist can walk a path closer to the falls.  We were really high up on the observation deck.20160620_113719We got pretty close to the edge.20160620_11373920160620_113958Rapids.  It was so cool.20160620_11403020160620_12161120160620_121642They are building a new observation area.  It will really be nice when it is finished.20160620_121647It will be really close to the falls.  It will be nice.20160620_12202420160620_12205220160620_12205920160620_125443New York uses the falls for power.20160620_125500Rainbow Bridge from Niagara Falls to Canada.20160620_130919We made it to Lake Ontario. We drove north to Youngstown, NY.  Beautiful park at the waters edge.20160620_130923We have now been to all 5 of the Great Lakes.20160620_131442On a clear day, you should see Toronto.  It was not a clear day, so this is all we saw.20160620_132218The Estates along Lake Ontario were amazing!!20160620_141430Back to Buffalo and the first Cabela’s store we have ever been to.  Looking for telescoping fishing rods.20160620_141738Big Buffalo.20160620_141741Cool Store.20160620_161547Success with the fishing poles.  Telescoping rods.  Easy to store in the 5th wheel.

Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty much down days.  We went to Walmart and hung out at the 5th Wheel.  We saw a deer and have a groundhog that keeps coming out.20160622_10502720160622_105044This is the mother.  There is a baby too, but I could not get his picture.20160622_153834The Moose Lodge has a Blue Moon special,  $1.50 draft, for a limited time.  So we took them up on that since we are here.

Thursday was laundry day.  We found a very nice laundromat in Hamburg.  The machines even take credit cards. It was busy, but we only had to spend $5.25 to do all of the laundry.  Then off to the Moose Lodge for our last night.  Thursday night is wing night and again $1.50 special on Blue Moon.20160619_133207We really enjoyed our time at the Moose Lodge 992.  They were so nice to us and made us feel like family.  We recommend this Lodge to anyone.  They don’t have a pump out, but we stayed 7 days and did fine. They only have 110v service and water.  The weather was so nice, so we did fine with just fans and leaving the windows open.  It kept the refrigerator cold and that was the main thing.20160623_190606My new friend Jan and her husband Al.  She and I got pretty good at synchronized drinking.  We were watching the synchronized diving nationals and it got us inspired.  We got a 9.9 and eventually a 10.  Thanks Jan.20160623_190613Mike is the Governor.  He likes to fish and might move to Alabama so he can do a lot of fishing.  Erin, the bartender, is such an inspiration.  Raising a daughter on her own, who is now going to college.  Good for you Erin.  You are the best.20160623_192752Mike and Andy.  Andy was a blast.  Hope to see you all again sometime.  We had a blast in Hamburg, NY.  The Moose Lodage has a car show every Friday night, called Moose Cruise.  We were here for the one last weekend.  It is a big attraction for this Lodge.  Saturday night is the Campfire.  You can see the campfire last Saturday if you check out our blog about Hamburg, NY.20160623_195052Cliff and Erin.  Erin is going to come see us in Florida.

We had a wonderful time in Hamburg, NY.  Now we are off to the Finger Lakes region of New York State.  Again, we have no idea what to expect.  Everyone told us it is beautiful. We can’t wait.  We will miss our friends in Hamburg.

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