Finger Lakes Region II

Sunday June 26, 2016finger-lakes-mapToday we are going to head east to Seneca Falls and go around Cayuga Lake.20160626_092205First stop – Star Diner for breakfast.  Church does not start until 10:00, so at 9:00 it was packed.20160626_085306We waited about 20 minutes for a table.  Talked to 2 gentlemen in the parking lot that travel around the country to Horseshoe tournaments.  World Tournaments. They had been to Nashville for a World Tournament a few years ago.  That is one of them in the middle of the photo holding the menu.20160626_092221Worth the wait.20160626_093809Welcome to Seneca Falls, considered the Birthplace of the Women’s Rights Movement.20160626_094042By 1828, the Cayuga-Seneca Canal had been linked to the Erie Canal, opening up a much larger market for items manufactured locally.  Landowners along the lake and canal became very successful by leasing water rights to a wide variety of industries.20160626_09403420160626_094125Canal Tours are available.  You can also Skipper your own canal boat down the Erie Canal. Self-Skippered Rentals, Explore the Erie Canal.  You can be your own captain of an easy-to-operate Lockmaster Canalboat.  It sounds like a lot of fun!!20160626_094131Nice waterfront walkway.20160626_09490020160626_095013In 1848, the first Women’s Rights convention was held in Seneca Falls.20160626_095514In May 1851, there was a chance encountered on the streets of Seneca Falls, NY.  Susan B. Anthony was introduced to Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The bond that was forged between Stanton and Anthony gave direction and momentum to the seventy-two year struggle for women’s suffrage which culminated on August 26, 1920 in the passage of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution.  Neither woman lived to see this happen.20160626_095328The beautiful Trinity Episcopal Church across the Canal.20160626_100400Lock 2 & 3 on the Cayuga-Seneca Canal.  This is a 49 foot drop or rise depending on the direction you are going.  That is a pretty deep lock.  It is actually 2 locks.20160626_100313The upper end with the protection barrier raised.20160626_100535I would not go any farther up the walkway.  It was pretty high.20160626_10055020160626_100645Upper end…20160626_100632lower end and they are split in the middle.20160626_10065220160626_100739The actual falls were flooded when they completed the canal.  They are under water somewhere.

So we left Seneca Falls and headed south on 89 along Cayuga Lake towards Ithaca.finger-lakes-map20160626_114101We came across Varick Winery and a Cherry Festival.  You could pick your own cherries.  Since it was Sunday and the cherry crop was bad this year, there was nothing left to pick.  The woman at the cherry trees explained that because of the late cold, the bees just did not do there job and there was a very small cherry production this year.  One row of trees did not produce anything. 20160626_112319There was a row of artist and homemade honey, etc.  Look at the view of the Lake from here.20160626_112333Wine tasting at the Varick Country store.20160626_112549Land Tortoise20160626_112613The owner was talking to a group of people about something else.  I pointed out to a little boy that this guy wanted out.  He kind of started yelling and the owner was like “oh, he won’t hurt you, unless he gets around you and strangles you to death.” We moved away.20160626_113125This was the Twelfth Annual Cherry Festival. Nice stop.

We drove through Ithaca, home of Cornell University.  We did not see it, but saw a sign.20160626_130315Up the east side of Cayuga Lake in a small town of Aurora, NY20160626_13032020160626_130324The beautiful campus of Wells College.20160626_130428The estates along the lake are beautiful.20160626_130457Beautiful old churches in Cayuga.20160626_130521The amazing tile work on the roof.20160626_13054920160626_130611More beautiful estates.20160626_13065220160626_130945A huge farm.

Back to Waterloo and the Moose Lodge. The next few days were pretty uneventful.20160627_104148We got out Cliff’s new kite that we bought in Shipshewana, Indiana20160627_10430920160627_10415620160627_10432620160627_104605He got it pretty far up.20160627_113913Went for walks at Seneca Lake State Park.20160627_113921Seneca Yacht Club20160627_113926One of paths in the park.20160627_114613The beach20160627_114911The Splash park20160627_114627The View.20160627_173346Watched a horseshoe tournament at the Moose Lodge.  Every night we grilled out some type of meat and a vegetable.  We had chicken, North Carolina shrimp, smoked pork chops from Oak Hill Farms, homemade chicken salad, etc

By Thursday June 30, 2016 we had come up with a new plan.20160703_092405Ride our bikes through Seneca Lake State Park instead of walking.  Then to the Geneva Farmers Market and laundry.

Next to Auburn and Skaneateles, NY

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