Travel Day

July 8, 2016 – Travel Day

I am going to bring everyone up to date, then finish our posts of the Finger Lakes Region.

We left Waterloo, NY around 8:30 AM and headed east on I-90.  It is approximately 204 miles from Waterloo to Lake George. I was told not to go through Albany, but to take a short cut at Amsterdam.  So, of course, I researched it to death before we left.  I checked the Trucker’s Atlas, RV Trip Wizard, Google Maps and Good Sam Trip Planner.  They all gave me the same route.

We get to Balliston Spa, NY, turn right on Malta Ave and we see this bridge.  An overpass that is marked 12′-11″.  STOP!  To our right is a driveway up to a business with what looks like a pretty large parking lot. So we turned into the driveway and up to the business.  There were signs that said “No U Turn” and “Stop”, but what were we supposed to do?  We had no where to go.  Our 5th wheel is 13′-4″ high.

There was a Man standing at the bay door with his fists on his hips and his legs spread wide.  We both got out and the first thing he said was “Did you not see my signs that this is not a turn around?”  We explained about the bridge and he accused me of using a Car GPS.  I explained how much research I had done.  So he loosened up a bit and told us that in New York State, the bridges are 1′-0″ higher than marked unless it saids “Actual”.

Wow, that would have been good to know before we got here.  Anyway, I think he felt sorry for us and got a kick out of our southern accents.  So we shook hands and off we went.  As we were turning around in his parking lot, we cut it a little to close and 20160708_111603BANG – the 5th wheel broke the window out on the truck.  Oh well. Just another day in paradise.20160708_122641Scratched the 5th Wheel too. 20160708_122649

Thank goodness it was not raining and we made under the bridge without an issues.

We drove on to Lake George and checked in to King Phillips Campground.  Interesting, we have arrived a day early.  I don’t know how I got that wrong, but we are not supposed to arrive until July 9, 2016.  I had to tell Cliff that he was Right.  He had asked me the day before if we were to leave on Friday or Saturday.  Boy, the day just keeps getting better.King PhillipsThey staff was nice enough to find us a place for the night.  We got site H-21.  Nice long pull through with 50 amp service.  YEAH!!!  (The reason I am so excited about 50 amp service, is because we have been living with 110 since June 17. Just enough to run the refrigerator and a few fans.) And I Am a 50 amp Princess!!

Once we got set up, we drove around to find the site where we are to move to tomorrow.  First of all, most campground maps are not very good.  This has got to be one of the worst.  We took 4 wrong turns trying to find the correct road.  So finally, through the woods, up a hill, through 2 tight trees and a sharp left turn, and there was the second site.  They called it a pull through, but there is another camper in front of site T-20.  Oh my, there was no way we were getting up to this site and then no way we would have been able to get out.  So back to the office to see what we could do.20160710_103511They were VERY NICE and rearranged some other things and we get to stay here until July 22, 2016.  And that is a Friday.  I hope I don’t get it wrong again.

We were both stressed out and hungry.  We decided Mexican and a Margarita was a good solution.20160708_134542So I searched Trip Advisor and found 2 in Queensbury and Glens Falls.20160708_134619The closest one was La Cosina.  It is really cute, but they do not have a liquor license.  So we headed to Raul’s downtown.  Could not find a place to park.  Texas Roadhouse did not open until 4:00 and it was only 3:15.  So we ended up at Olive Garden and nice cold glass of Chardonnay.20160708_175249We got back to the camp and little guy showed up.20160708_175254He did not seem afraid of people and just hung out for a while.

So that is how my 55th Birthday went.  Still living the dream!!


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