Sampson Military Museum

July 2016

We are currently in Lake George, NY, but I want to go back and post about a few more places we visited while we were in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State.

When we told my Dad, Ed Davis, that we were going to the Finger Lakes, he told us that he went to basic training for the Navy in the Finger Lakes.  Then another friend of ours, Bob Lewis, told us he went to the Air Force Base training in Sampson in the Finger Lakes.

We decided we had to check this out since we know 2 totally unrelated people that went to Sampson for basic training, one the Navy and one the Air Force.  There is now a Military Museum dedicated to both the Navy and the Air Force.  It is located in Sampson State Park.20160628_11562720160702_105658The drive into the park.20160702_120347The Museum.  The only building left of the whole training base.  This was the brig/stockade. The building is split in half, one side is dedicated to the Navy training base and the other side to the Air Force training base.20160702_105938The Navy used this location from 1942 – 1945.  The Air Force used this facility from 1950 -1956.20160628_120928There are beautiful statues.20160702_10585320160702_12012620160702_12013520160702_113158This is the courtyard of the brig.20160702_11323620160702_113212The training facility was named for William Thomas Sampson.20160702_113218There is only one of the these for the Air Force, not one for the Navy.20160702_110025I know the picture is small, but look at the one on the bottom, in the middle.  Look at how many men were here training. They trained over 400,000 men for the Navy to fight in World War II.20160702_110234These “boots” or leggings were worn until they completed their training.20160702_110354It was not easy.  The museum is filled with memorabilia. 20160702_110412Almost everything has been donated.20160702_11045620160702_111002A pillow cover.20160702_111059There was a choir.20160702_111755Cooking School20160702_111925Check out the menu for Fourth of July. I am not sure who was still here, since everything printed, said it closed in 1945.  And there was no one to ask.20160702_111807And Barbers.  They also had a baseball team and a football team.20160702_111904It was a town with their own hospital, fire station, etc.20160702_112214The Commander.20160702_112336Check this out!! This is the biggest snow plow I have ever seen.20160702_112356On the front of this truck.20160702_112347That is some deep snow.  My father told me that when he came here is was 20 below zero and they made them sit on concrete blocks. That was cold!20160702_112418Training in boats and there were a lot of them.20160628_120459This is the marina today with a sea wall or maybe that is a lake wall.20160628_120430Nice boat launches. 20160702_112531Cliff got to look through a telescope that went up through the roof.  You can look at the lake and the whole park from right here.20160702_112704Japan surrendered on the U.S.S Missouri on September 2, 1945, marking the close of WW II. This bronze plaque marked the spot on the Missouri where the surrender papers were signed. This was very cool to see.20160702_111346I would love to have seen the inside of this book.20160702_11152120160702_111548

Now off to the Air Force side.20160702_113347They have a very nice library.20160702_113419All of the different types of aircraft.20160702_11351120160702_113556This is such a great print.  The next frames are closer so that you, hopefully, can read it.  It explains what each of the 13 folds mean when the flag is folded after it is draped over a coffin.20160702_113616Did you know that at military funerals, the 21-gun salute stands for the sum of the numbers in the 1776? Did not know that!20160702_11362720160702_113631I loved this.20160702_113739A pillow cover.20160702_114352Hospital on the left and fire station upper right corner.20160702_11443120160702_114449_00120160702_114456They could send postcards to family.20160702_114555Ready for inspection.20160702_11474920160702_114813Wow.20160702_114818Eyes Right! I love this one.

At the end, they have a couple of cells and solitary confinement cells that you can tour.20160702_115521And a room full of photos of a lot of different ships.20160702_115238My father was from Pennsylvania. 20160702_115259This was the U.S.S. Rocky Mount.  We thought this was interesting since my cousin Claire and her family live there, plus my Aunt Stevie is close in Nashville, NC and our new friends Rush and Lola are from Rocky Mount.20160702_115339The sailor on the left is from Mt.Juliet, TN.  I did not see my father’s picture on any of them and there was no one there to explain why there was a picture of certain people on each ship photo.

It was a beautiful visit and we are so glad we went.20160702_122713The farms on the way back to Waterloo were beautiful.20160702_12273120160702_122738The wheat in the foreground and the corn in the background.  We hope you enjoyed the tour.

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