Adirondack Museum

July 2016

20160720_090218We are back on NY-28 heading north west.20160720_091219The Hudson River between North Creek and North River.20160720_091417They have several pull offs where you can read some history and just watch the water.20160720_094754Adirondack Museum.  This place ROCKS!!  If you have never been, you need to go.20160720_09474524 buildings, 121 acres and 40,000 sq.ft of exhibitions.  They have an app that you download on your phone and where ever you see a number, you just click on the app and the location is narrated.  Very cool!20160720_094832You start off at the Visitor Center where there is a very impressive sloop.20160720_094847A beautiful wooden sailboat.20160720_09493120160720_094859Water Witch, built in 1900.20160720_094904She is an Idem Class racing sloop.  She was built for racing in the Adirondacks.20160720_095943This cool boat was outside.  It is 14′ long.20160720_095951Look at that cute steering wheel. Inboard, 2-cylinder gas launch.20160720_095956Purchased in 1918 and named “Vic” for his wife Victoria.20160720_100009the propeller20160720_100034It is hard to believe that this beauty was built in 1918.20160720_100457The Museum starts with the “Boats & Boating” building. These pictures are not going to do these boats justice.  They are absolutely Beautiful.20160720_10051420160720_100649Carved out of a tree.20160720_100939The one of the left is an Open sailing canoe. 16′ long.20160720_10102720160720_101258There canoes are so beautiful on the inside and the cane seats are amazing.20160720_101403The Poor Man’s Yacht.  A canoe with a canopy so they have privacy when needed.20160720_101352Called Canoe Cruising in the 1870s and 1880s.20160720_101558Rushton made a lot of canoes back then.20160720_101609You could put a sail on the front.20160720_101412Not everyone thought this was a good idea.20160720_101658There were games where you tried to knock each other out of the canoe.20160720_101712Beautiful collection of wooden canoes.20160720_101742Now on to the introduction of power.20160720_101950By the 1880s, engineers were looking for a replacement for steam as power for boats.  The Naphtha engine was introduced to the world.20160720_102030The hull of this boat is that of a naphtha launch used by the A.G. Vanderbilt family in the Adirondacks.20160720_102015She was converted to gasoline power in the early twentieth century.20160720_10204620160720_102036Skeeter was built for racing, but she only raced 3 times.  This boat is 45′ long.  The rules handicapped boats like this in the early 1900’s.20160720_10212220160720_102330The mail boat only came to a full stop for large packages.  Generally, the clerk delivered incoming mail with his right hand and took outgoing mail with his left.  A chain across the opening kept the mailman from falling out.20160720_102404Eagle Nest built in 1905.20160720_10241820160720_102447All wooden racing boat.20160720_102810Adirondack Guideboat. One of the most famous in this area and definitely some of the most beautiful craftsmanship you will see.20160720_10272820160720_102601The back rest was also used for shoulder supports to help you carry the boat.20160720_102654Sagamore Hotel dock in Long Lake.20160720_102836Allison Warner is currently the boat-builder in-residence at the museum.  She has built 14 guideboats so far.  When they are complete, they are auctioned at the Museum’s annual Gala.  I did not find out the going price though.20160720_102846The ribs are made of spruce.20160720_103014It takes her approximately 500 hours to complete one boat.20160720_102904Rushton is a famous style of guideboats.20160720_103413Boat builders shop in the early 1900’s.20160720_103451A typical guideboat is 15 – 17′ long.20160720_103547Different types of oars.20160720_10385620160720_10390220160720_103934The River Drive boat was used in logging.  The square stern was used for stability.20160720_103940Finch, Pruyn and Company used boats in the early days. Once they moved to road transportation, they kept the same powder blue color on their trucks as they used on their boats.20160720_10513220160720_105926Mohawk famous basket-weavers are known as some of the most creative weavers in the world.  The Mohawk community in Akwesasne, NY are still teaching this beautiful tradition.20160720_110442Made from Black Ash and Sweet Grass.20160720_10593520160720_110539Stunning masterpieces.20160720_11084420160720_111327The Blue Mountain House opened in 1876 as a hotel for vacationers.20160720_111442The Minne-ha-ha was used to transport visitors while they are in the Adirondacks.20160720_111513They played badminton and bowling.20160720_11154820160720_111757Large hotels were built all over the Adirondacks.20160720_11222520160720_112236Beautiful flowers everywhere.20160720_112256Blue Mountain Lake. 20160720_112700Sunset Cottage was built as a sleeping quarters.  Named after the radiating pattern on its gables from split spruce limbs.20160720_111353It was built as part of Camp Cedars by the Durant family.20160720_112702In 1936, Mrs. Durant sold Camp Cedars to Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney.  A hurricane severely damaged much of the camp in 1950.  Fortunately, Sunset Cottage was not destroyed.  That winter Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney (Mrs.Whitney’s son) skidded the cottage across the ice to his Camp Deerlands on Little Forked Lake.  Sunset Cottage was donated to the Adirondack Museum in 1995.20160720_11270820160720_112737This was the dining porch.20160720_121138The Adirondack Park has 8 million visitors a year.  Wow!20160720_121230Anne LaBastille wrote the Woodswoman series.  She designed and help build her own cabin.20160720_121132She spent part of each year there writing until she died in 2011.20160720_12121920160720_121223This was her canoe.

20160720_121659There is a whole section on the 1932 and 1980 Olympics that were held at Lake Placid.20160720_121702The Winter Olympics in 1932, was the first Winter Olympics held in North America.20160720_121709The bobsled used by the Stevens brothers.20160720_12171920160720_12171520160720_12185020160720_12194020160720_12194620160720_12202220160720_12203220160720_122050Early ice skates.20160720_122929A whole building on fishing and camping.20160720_12295620160720_123008primitive camping20160720_124004Glamping – traditional Adirondack lean-to20160720_124103Tent camping Adirondack style.20160720_12402920160720_12403320160720_124046

At this point, my camera battery died.  There is a whole building on the logging industry in the Adirondack Mountain.  It gives the whole history and the difficulties of the lumberjacks.  It was very good.

So, if you are ever in the Adirondack Mountains, this museum is a must see.  Thanks for going along with us.  Sorry I could show any photos of the rest of the place.

It is on to Essex Junction, VT and the 56th Annual Escapade.

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