North Carolina

September 16, 2016

We left Williamsburg, VA on Friday morning heading to North Carolina.20160916_091722We crossed a beautiful bridge on I-295, south of Richmond.20160916_091727Over the James River.20160916_101618Then down I-95 into the state of North Carolina, the Nation’s Most Military Friendly State. I did not know that.  That is pretty cool.20160916_164120We were lucky enough to get hook ups at the Wilson Moose Lodge.20160917_16311230 amp with water.20160918_143712The whole parking lot to ourselves.20160918_143650They have a swimming pool at this lodge.  They had just closed it down for the season.  It is very nice.20160917_163210The outside.20160916_162955The lodge is nice and big on the inside.  They have a full menu on Friday nights.20160916_165706They have nice bar decorations and the white wine is always served in a chilled glass.  I really like that. This Moose Lodge had a lot going on.  Everyone was so friendly.  It is nice to be back in the South.20160916_195915They had karaoke on Friday night and this couple are Full Time RVers’.  They were in town  for only one night and did not know that this Moose Lodge had hookups.  They have been workamping for the past 11 years and love it. We exchanged contact information and they are going to give us some advice on places they have workamped.

Saturday September 17, 201620160917_104747We drove to Raleigh, NC this morning.  The Crepe Myrtles are beautiful along the interstate.  I have never seen so many in one place.  North Carolina is full of them in all different colors.  We had to do some errands in the city.  It was a very pleasant experience until we had to go to Camping World.  The parking lot was extremely tight and I don’t see how some of those rigs made it in and out.  We had purchased a zero gravity lounge chair for me last May (2015).  The sides are tied on with elastic cords.  Well, one broke.  We thought we could take it back, but Camping World only has a 60 day return policy.  Wow.  So anyway, it did not go well.  The rest of the day was great.

We went to the Moose Lodge to watch football.  Oh, and by the way, if you missed it: University of Louisville beat Florida State 63-10.  Go Cards Go!  I will be watching the Clemson / UofL game in 2 weeks.


Sunday September 18, 2016 – Rocky Mount, NC20160918_121615We have been so blessed this year to be able to visit with family twice in one year. My first cousin, Claire Greer, is married to Rev. George Greer.  They live in Rocky Mount and George is the Rector at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.  We got to go church with them twice this year.  Claire’s mother, my Aunt Stevie, is picture above holding Claire’s granddaughter, Anna Claire.20160918_121624I love being around this part of my family.  My Aunt Stevie is one of the sweetest people I know.  The whole family is so much fun to be around. We never seem to run our of conversation.20160918_1216260Cliff and I always have such a good time and love the time we have had together this year.  Anna Claire is so sweet and mellow.  She loves everyone.20160918_121938This is Anna Claire’s parents, Sarah Katherine and Brandon.  Such a sweet couple. 20160918_122651Here is 4 generations. Great grandfather, Bob.  Anna Claire just adores him and his hair.  Grandfather George is to the right, she adores him too.  And Sarah Katherine and Brandon in the back.  We had a wonderful lunch and we are sorry that we have to miss the snow sledding hills they are having at the church in a couple of weeks.  It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

You can also go back to our first visit this past spring by clicking here. Rocky Mount, NC

Monday September 19, 201620160919_083923It is laundry day.  This was a wonderful laundromat, very clean and lots and lots of washers and dryers.  This is the Wash House, 2700 Downing St. SW in Wilson, NC. It was right around the corner from the Moose Lodge.  If you are ever in Wilson and need to do laundry, we highly recommend this one.20160919_083941We read a lot of RV blogs and laundry is a topic that is discussed a lot.  We, personally, do not mind going to the laundromat.  Some people just cringe when they think about it.  Talk about meeting the locals.  It usually only takes an hour and we can get 2-3 loads of laundry washed, dried and folded.  Sometimes we meet some really nice people at the laundromat. It is not all bad. We spend between 6.00 – 8.00 a trip.  If you stay in a campground, most of the time it is less expensive. The trade off is the washer and dryers are usually smaller than these, so it takes longer and cost almost the same.

Tuesday September 20, 201620160920_114325It has been raining for 2 days. Since laundry was done yesterday, there is not much to do so we decided to go have lunch.  Bill Ellis’ Barbecue was right around the corner.  This is a serious Barbecue joint. 20160920_111341They have Bill’s Buffet, which is a buffet restaurant with all the fixins.  They even have a whole pig that you pull the meat yourself.20160920_111346They have a separate drive-thru and walk up.20160920_114332The Tuesday special was interesting.20160920_111350They have a convention center next door.  Bill does a  lot of catering.20160920_114552Bill’s World Famous Barbecue and Chicken has a fleet of 25 patented mobile kitchens. All of the mobile catering equipment has been specifically designed by Bill to deliver fast, hot, freshly prepared meals from coast to coast.  They transport the hogs in a refrigeration area and are cooked fresh once they get to their destination.  Even in California.  It was good barbecue.  Another place we would recommend if you are going to Wilson, NC.

Tomorrow we are off to Wilmington, NC.  Maybe the sun will come out.

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