Ludington, MI

June 3, 2016 – June 8, 2016

20160603_051810We woke up to this sunrise on Friday June 3rd.  The last beautiful sunrise for a while.  This is travel day and we are heading to the West Coast of Michigan.  We left Mackinaw City around 9:00 AM and heading south west to Ludington, MI.  We took I-75 South to MI-127 and we took that south to MI-55 West toward Cadillac.  Then we discovered we really needed some gas. So we drove downtown Cadillac looking for the Speedway.  It all worked out fine, but I was a nervous wreck.  There was a 8% grade down into the town. It was short, but still Crazy! 20160606_084836 We checked into Vacation Station RV Resort around 1:30.  Beautiful RV park.20160606_08513420160603_140516This was hilarious.  Being a Louisville Alumni, it never surprises me where I see UK fans.  We are in Michigan, for Pete’s sake and parked right across the street from a UK fan.  Come on!!

20160603_143808We headed to downtown Ludington.  They are known for their large beach and the Sand Dunes at the Ludington State Park. This was a place just outside the State Park.20160603_144041The sand dunes where wonderful.  No way to catch good photos.


They have a lot of sand dune trails and a lot of places to kayak.  Very nice park.20160603_145615The beach downtown Ludington.  Today was a little chilly and breezy, so it is not very crowded.20160603_145623Sorry so blurry, tried to zoom in with my phone camera.  Ludington Lighthouse.20160603_150021Ludington Municipal Marina.  This town is right on Lake Michigan.  Beautiful.20160603_15002220160603_153701We went looking for fresh fish since we are right on Lake Michigan.  Google sent us here.  They only offer smoked fish and there is no one there.  It is all on the Honor system.  The prices on marked on the coolers, you pick out what you want, and put your money through a slot in the door.  We are loving these places with zero crime.  We did not buy anything, because it was all large amounts, but a cool place.20160603_192343Our site for a few days.  Site #100. It was nice enough to have a camp fire. This will be the only night for that.  Weather went down hill from here.20160604_085143Went for a walk around the RV park.  They also offer cabins to rent.20160604_085207They have one of these for rent too.20160604_090634The flowers and evergreens are beautiful20160604_102430On Saturday we went looking for a farm to pick Asparagus.  It just so happens that asparagus is in season right now.  It only last about a month and the season is late this year due to colder than normal weather in May.  We are driving through the country and saw all of these.20160604_10283520160607_13055020160607_130710_001It was so cool.  They are all over this country side.20160604_102639Check out this old school.20160604_10264320160604_103608We finally found the asparagus farmer.  They don’t let you pick your own anymore, something about liability.  This is the best asparagus we have ever had.  It is large, but very sweet.  They picked this this morning.  The blue tubs under the black lid is full of asparagus on ice.  $1.50 a pound.  Amazing!!  It still had some dirt on it.  We grilled asparagus for 4 nights in a row.

On Saturday June 4 we headed north to Manistee, MI. It is also on Lake Michigan and Manistee Lake.  Cute place.  Kind of overcast today, so there are not very many people out.20160604_11274420160604_112752Main Street.20160604_115619The Manistee Lake goes out to Lake Michigan.20160604_124322We walked down the Main street, went in a few shops and decided on lunch at The Boathouse Grill. Check out that front door!20160604_124313I had a chicken sandwich with avocado and swiss cheese, it was very good. One of my favorites. Cliff had the special, a Cuban sandwich, but it did not have the right kind of bread, so not his favorite.20160604_115626We sat out on the patio overlooking the Manistee Lake.20160604_130539The park on Lake Michigan.20160604_130545Lighthouse looks like it got its top knocked off.20160604_131309Beautiful church in Manistee.20160605_083802This part of Michigan has beautiful evergreens.

Sunday June 5, 2016  Rainy and a chilly 60 degrees.  We went to Walmart and made some soup.20160605_084536We went for a walk through the park.  People can be so creative with their decorations. This is a light pole.  Very creative.20160605_202017We had a rain storm and then we had this.20160605_20263720160605_20264520160605_20271020160605_20272820160605_202759It was beautiful!!


Monday June 6, 201620160606_085305The sun came out in the morning.  The flowers in the campground are beautiful.20160606_08531120160606_085323The pool that we have not been able to enjoy because it has been too cold.  It is June.20160606_150303Almost everyone left on Sunday, so the park is pretty empty. Our UK friends are staying for the summer. 20160606_150328A few shots of our campsite.20160606_150337

Tuesday June 7, 2016   Woke up to rain and chilly weather.20160607_123225We decided to drive to Pentwater, MI.  About 15 miles south of Ludington.20160607_12322920160607_123324Right on the water.  Cute town.20160607_124018Lots of sailboats.20160607_124133Cute shops. This is Ships Store.  Would love to go in here.20160607_124539A large beach on Lake Michigan.20160607_12455120160607_124602Water is rough.20160607_124825Nice campground right here.  Mears State Park.20160607_140326I told the Triplets that we were not going to Flint, but this is the area of the campground where we are parked.

We are heading south tomorrow for new tires and then on to the mini-Table 7 reunion in Huron, Ohio. We are so looking forward to seeing part of our Table 7 friends.  Safe travels.