Buffalo, NY

June 19, 2016  Father’s Day

I want to wish my father, Ed Davis, a Happy Father’s Day.  Love you very much.

The Moose Lodge fixed a free breakfast for all Dad’s.  It was very nice.  People we had met over the weekend were there and brought us new brochures of the area.  After breakfast, we headed out to find the Made in America store in Elma, NY.20160619_104456Mark Andol started this store in 2010.  They only sell products that are 100% made in America.  How cool is that?  You can read the history here.20160619_10460420160619_10462820160619_104641We bought a new broom. Lipman.  100% American made. They even sold Jack Daniel’s T-shirts.  Must be 100% made in America.  That is cool.20160619_112940Then off to Buffalo.20160619_113002Coca-Cola Field, Home of the Buffalo Bisons.20160619_113105That is City Hall.  DANG!!20160619_113126We drove right into downtown.20160619_113225Such pretty flowers.20160619_11433420160619_114339So we parked and walked over to what is called “Canalside”.  21-acre park on Lake Erie in Downtown Buffalo.  It was a beautiful day and crowded with people.20160619_114422October 26, 1825 The Erie Canal was opened. Governor Dewitt Clinton officially opened the canal. This was 8 years after he first broke ground on the 363 mile canal.  Governor Clinton boarded a packet boat, the Seneca Chief, bound for New York City.  He took along 2 wooded kegs filled with water from Lake Erie.  The canal opened trade from the Great Lakes to the Eastern Seaboard and Europe.  On November 4, the boats reached the end of the canal, at Albany.  From there, steamboats escorted the Seneca Chief down the Hudson River to the New York City Harbor.  In a triumphant ceremony, Governor Clinton poured the Lake Erie water into the Atlantic, wedding the Great Lakes to the ocean.20160619_114606They offer boat tours and Pirate ship adventures.20160619_114716Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park.  This is the USS Little Rock, a Guided Missile Cruiser.  She is the sole surviving member of that fleet.20160619_11475020160619_114756The Spirit of Buffalo.20160619_114950Large waterfront area for boats.  This is the Buffalo River.20160619_115006Large boardwalk area.20160619_11502420160619_115037Lots and lots of kayaks. That is Times Beach Nature Preserve across the water.20160619_11504120160619_115104This leads to the Niagara River which leads to Niagara Falls.20160619_115154Buffalo is well known for their grain business. This photo was taken in 1868.20160619_11580520160619_11582520160619_121007The original Frontier Elevator was constructed in 1886.  In 1903, the Washburn-Crosby Co. built a brick flour mill next door, along with nine tile storage bins.  Much expansion took place in 1908-09 with a new mill and concrete elevator.  By 1913 it was the fourth largest elevating and milling company in the country.  After WWI the milling industry became very unstable.  In 1928 James Bell of Washburn-Crosby aligned a number of smaller milling companies to merge into the new General Mills. In 1941 a new mill for cereal & packaged goods was completed. When the plant opened it introduced “Cheerioats”, the country’s first ready-to-eat oat cereal.  In 1945 the name was changed to “Cheerios” to settle a trademark dispute. 20160619_121834There are a number of little parks around downtown.20160619_12184020160619_122554Very shallow pools for paddle boating.20160619_124046First Niagara Center – Home of the NHL- Buffalo Sabres20160619_124951The Liberty Building20160619_125243Has 2 Statues of Liberty.20160619_125449City Hall. Wow!20160619_12551620160619_125749Public Art.20160619_12575920160619_12584020160619_125848The 13th President 1850 -1853.  The last president not to be affiliated with either the Republican or Democratic parties.  He assumed the presidency after Zachary Taylor’s death.20160619_12594120160619_125956Cool looking building.20160619_130033All of these large buildings make the truck look really small.  That is a large church with the clock tower in the distance.20160619_131100Buffalo Harbor State Park.  This place is huge.

We enjoyed Buffalo a lot more than I would have expected.  It is off to Niagara Falls tomorrow. Cheers.

Hamburg, NY

Friday June 17, 2016

We left Geneva on the Lake early and headed to New York, by way of Pennsylvania.20160617_08015520160617_084200We can still see Lake Erie.20160617_084728And vineyards everywhere.20160617_08475320160617_084804We did not stay very long in PA. Drove by Erie, PA, but not much to take a picture of there.20160617_085655Miles of vineyards. So beautiful.20160617_104904This is where the Buffalo Bills play. We are heading to Orchard Park to Colton RV. They are going to look at our slide topper and let us when they can fix it.  Stacy at Colton RV was so nice to us.  She is probably the nicest person we have met that works for an RV Dealer.  We were there for maybe a hour. And off to Hamburg we went.  She even called us to let us know that she had contacted our Extended Warranty provider and they are going to take care of the repair.  This was on a Friday afternoon.  I am going to write a letter to her boss. Thank you Stacy.20160617_095136Welcome to Hamburg, NY.  Less than 20 miles south of Buffalo, NY.20160619_133207Moose Lodge 992.20160618_174449We have 110 power, enough to keep the refrigerator running and water.  What else do you need?20160618_174552Mike, the Governor of the Lodge, was so nice and got us all set up.  He gave us a lot of information about the area and where everything is that we might need.20160618_174511They have to have these for the winters here.20160618_174522They have a bonfire every Saturday night.20160617_135747First stop, Walmart.  This is one of the fanciest Walmarts we have ever seen.20160617_13580520160617_162437Friday night Fish Fry at the Moose Lodge. They have place mats with the calendar of events and advertisements.. Very clever.20160617_162446They can seat a lot of people.20160617_164230This is the fish dinner for $8.00. 20160617_164234I had the fish sandwich. 20160617_164302Erin the bartender, was super nice too.  We were happy campers.20160617_172316Then we won $100.00 on a pull tab. How fun is that?20160617_172327Great night in Hamburg, NY.


Saturday June 18, 201620160618_083551Decided to go sightseeing today. This is a lake front park.20160618_083612There once was a dance club here during 1940s.  It was destroyed by a fire in 1954.20160618_083643We could see the windmills in Buffalo, NY from here.20160618_083700A beautiful day.20160618_083728Rocky shoreline.20160618_091307We took Hwy 5 south to Old Lake Shore Road. The estates along this road were amazing!20160618_09132720160618_100328We ended up in Seneca Indian Reservation where they have very inexpensive diesel. $2.1120160618_10033120160618_10045320160618_100955We had lunch at Aunt Millie’s. I had a Buffalo Chicken sandwich, which is the best I have ever had.20160618_10100120160618_110114They are known for their pastries and pies.20160618_11012120160618_11012420160618_11013120160618_110137We did not have any of these, but they looked good.20160618_114403We went to Willow Creek Winery and had a wine tasting. There are several wineries in this area. This is Silver Creek, NY.20160618_114331This is the tasting room.20160618_114340This is a family owned winery.  They grow all their own grapes. 20160618_114428A crowd going in as we were leaving.20160618_115217Stopped at Liberty Vineyard.20160618_11515220160618_11522020160618_115251There are grape vines everywhere.  Most are privately owned and they sell their grapes to Welch’s. 20160618_11525820160618_11530220160618_121307Then to Merritt Vineyards. They advertised that they did tours, but that is not the case. We are really looking for an educational tour on wine making.  Apparently, the wineries up here don’t offer tours.20160618_12131420160618_12132120160618_121406The flowers are so beautiful here. 20160618_12141020160618_200734Nice sunset.20160618_201514We made it back in time for the Saturday night bonfire.  Met some new people and enjoyed our evening.20160618_204627And a full moon.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and the Moose Lodge is serving free breakfast to all the Dad’s.  After breakfast we might head into Buffalo and take a look around.