Daytona Super Speedway

January 25, 2016

20160125_064736Our first selfie, not so good.  We are on our way to the Daytona Super Speedway.  They are completing a $400 Million renovation and we are getting a tour.20160125_075220This is the Amway Center in Orlando where the Orlando Magic play.  They don’t seem to be doing very well this year, but it looks like a nice facility.20160125_105537This place is quite impressive.  Cliff and I want to go to a race now.20160125_094806It is hard to see how steep that curve is, but you have to be going at least 70 miles a hour to just stay up on that steep bank.20160125_094842This is really hard to see, but the seats are all different colors so that it looks like people are in the seats even when there is no one there.20160125_095356This is the parking area for the Million dollar buses of the race car drivers.  They have their own area with gates.20160125_101628The Rolex race that lasts 24 hours was coming up the weekend we were there.  A little better view of the seats.20160125_102119_001This is where the cars are inspected.20160125_103128On our way to Victory Lane.20160125_103937And there we are.

20160125_11044320160125_11043120160125_110437This is the view from about half way up the stands.20160125_110515And it is steep!20160125_11402120160125_114026A very impressive trophy.20160125_114218Some of the most recent winners.

We are excited about being able to go next year.  Blueberry Hill is putting together a group with VIP tickets and nice bus to drop us off and pick us up.