Finger Lakes Region III

Friday July 1, 2016

We went for a bike ride at Seneca Lake State Park. Day 2 and counting.  After showers we headed east to Auburn and Skaneateles.20160701_095748Auburn had some beautiful homes along the highway.20160701_11072020160701_110719Very Nice Fire Station in Skaneateles.20160701_110747Nice B&B20160701_110801Beautiful churches20160701_110853Downtown waterfront and boat tours of Skaneateles Lake.

By now you are probably wondering, How do you pronounce the name of that town?  It is pronounced either Skinny-Atlas or Skany-Atlas depending on who you talk to.20160701_122509This is the proper pronunciation.

This is a tourist town.  The shop owner we talked to said a lot of people come from New York city and Jersey to their camps at the Lake.  We probably would not have come here if my brother Bill Davis had not suggested it.  He does Asset Verification.  He travels around the country and inventories peoples houses, with photos and appraisals.  Then the homeowner knows exactly what they have in contents and so does the Insurance Company.  He did a house in Skaneateles and suggested we visit.20160701_123108I wonder if it was this one?20160701_12401820160701_111324St.James Episcopal Church20160701_11131120160701_111439The view from the church.20160701_124049Moravian Missionaries built the first shelter here in 1750.20160701_111444Beautiful homes along the main drive.20160701_112344The Skaneateles Library. I love it.20160701_112840I wish we were going to be here for this.20160701_122400To Lunch, also recommended by my brother Bill.20160701_11542220160701_11540520160701_115358Order here and they call your name.20160701_115416By the time we left, you could not find a seat.20160701_122424Across the street.20160701_125200The Polo Club20160701_12521420160701_125215Nice house!20160701_132431Back through Seneca Falls towards Waterloo.20160701_13251520160701_132547(0)20160701_195255And home to a wonderful sunset.

Next stop the Sampson State Park and the Sampson Naval and Air Force Museum.