Lake George, NY

July 8 – 22, 2016

We arrived in Lake George on my birthday, July 8.  A day early, I might add, which was my fault.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  The staff was so very nice about it.20160713_082939King Phillips Campground located on Bloody Pond Rd., a few miles south on the center of Lake George, NY.20160710_103511Our site has a lot of trees. Nice and very shady site.  This is a nice change since the last 3 weeks we have lived in full sun.20160715_192951It gets crowded in here on the weekends.20160716_193935Sunset through the canopy of trees.20160716_194040Plus we get to have a campfire again.

Saturday July 9, 2016 was rainy and overcast.  So we decided to clean the inside, like the floors and the bathroom. Then we headed off to do the laundry.  We decided to go to a laundromat instead of the campground laundry since we had so many dirty clothes. (Have not done laundry in 10 days.)20160709_121210We found this very nice and clean Dix Avenue Laundromat, in Queensbury, NY. They had multiple sizes of washers, TV and a lot of large dryers.20160709_121203They even have an exercise room with it’s own TV.  There was lots of places to sit and a table where I could sit and write in my journal.  We were done in about an hour.  We headed to Walmart, of course.  And got back to the 5th wheel to find this…20160710_081905The ceiling fan blade arm broke off.  The fan blade was laying on the floor near the door and the fan was spinning wildly.  Thank goodness we were not in the rig when this happened.  No telling what injury we might have. Since the ceiling fan blades had broken before, we ended up with a whole new ceiling fan in a box from when we were in Ocala.  So we opened the box and the blade holders are not the same color as the fan we have.  Go figure!!  Cliff put one of them on there anyway and we can still use it.  We will change out the rest some other rainy day.

Monday July 11, 2016 – we found a really nice bike trail just outside of our campground. The Warren County Bikeway. This is a little different than the trail at Seneca Lake State Park, this one has hills.Image result for warren county bike trail mapWe ride from Bloody Pond Rd to Glen Lake and back.  We also discovered a new app called Map My Ride.  It has been a cool way to track where we ride, how far we ride, how long we ride and how fast we ride.  This will be on the post I am working on called “A few of my favorite things…”

After our ride and showers we headed to Lake George.  There is a trolley service into the village so you don’t have to worry about parking.20160711_112210Next door is a small amusement park called Magic Forest. It is really for small kids and families.  The trolley stop is at the stone wall.  You can see part of the bike trial in front of the stone wall.20160711_11220720160711_112143There is a BIG Uncle Sam and if you look really close to left of the ferris wheel is a large Paul Bunyan.

20160711_113742And there it is.  The Beautiful Lake George. The Queen of American Lakes.  It is 32 miles long and 3 miles wide at the widest.20160711_114319Look how clear the water is…20160711_113753Lots of parasailing on this lake.20160711_11381820160711_113829The Adirondack mountains all around.20160711_114340The Minne-Ha-Ha, one of the boats in the Lake George Steamboat Company20160711_114851The beautiful Adirondac boat is part of the Lake George Shoreline Cruises.  There are several options for cruises on Lake George.  You can cruise in the morning, afternoon, lunch cruises and dinner cruises.20160713_085909This is the old railroad station, it is now the gift shop for the Lake George Steamboat Company. You can see Fort William Henry on right.20160713_085913There’s our trolley.  The driver was very nice and even got off and pointed out a plaque he thought we would be interested in.20160713_085836Wilbur was a busy man. He was a seaman at age 15 and had a Masters license by 25.  Then he became an attorney. He rebuilt the Lake George Steamboat Company and founded the New Orleans Steamboat Company.  Pretty cool.20160713_085923The monument with Wilbur’s plaque.20160711_121023Cool little store fronts along the main street.

Then off to dinner with some friends from Blueberry Hill.20160711_161618Ninety Nine Restaurant in Saratoga Springs, NY20160711_162008There are 99 signs around the restaurant with reasons you should come here.  The restaurant began in 1952 on 99 State St., Boston, MA.  The founder, Charlie Doe was given a horseshoe for good luck by his wife.  The logo was created when the horseshoe was placed around the nines of the address.20160711_183220Our Blueberry Hill and shuffleboard friends, Kenny and Linda.  We had a great visit and the food was really good.  It was nice to catch up.  We are so glad we were able to make this happen.

Wednesday July 13, 2016 – we went for a very early bike ride, got cleaned up and headed back to Lake George for a 10:30 cruise.  We chose the Lake George Steamboat Company because of the reviews I had read online and it was a narrated cruise with lots of information about the Lake.This picture is from their website.  The Mohican was our boat.20160713_090844This is the picture I took.20160713_090852As we were leaving the dock.  We got 2 chairs on the rail on the 2nd level.20160713_093530It is going to be a beautiful cruise. The large houses along the Lake is called Millionaire’s Row.20160713_094039There are some rather large homes along this beautiful lake.  If I had that kind of money, I think I would have a house here too.20160713_094643The front lawn of this one was amazing.  The Captain told us who owned these, but I could not remember them all and which name went to which house.  Sorry.20160713_095414It was hot and hazy today, so the pictures do not show how blue the water is and the mountains are so green.20160713_09543220160713_10100320160713_102443This is the Sagamore Resort.  They have rooms ranging from $399.00 to $1,119.00.  High dollar kind of place.20160713_102544This hotel was built in 1883 and has a panoramic view of Lake George.20160713_102552Lots of waves as the boat goes by.20160713_102554It is stunning.20160713_102634There is an open air restaurant right on the water.20160713_103756Beautiful landscape along the lake.20160713_103801This is called the narrows and the captain took the boat right through it.20160713_104014“The Last of the Mohicans” was based here. The novel was published in 1826.  The novel is set in 1757 during the French and Indian War. It details the transportation of the two daughters of Colonel Munro, Alice and Cora, to a safe destination at Fort William Henry.  Most of the movie was filmed in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina though.20160713_104023Beautiful little islands everywhere.20160713_104617Most of the islands are owned by the State of New York.  Some of the islands are single tent sites and you can only get there by water.  Brett and Julie, you would love this place. Take your kayak and your tent and the whole island is yours for as long as you can reserve it.  Some islands allow more than one tent and some have houses.  But the only way to get to them is by water or snowmobile if the lake is frozen over.20160713_105402Then the Captain drove us into Paradise Bay.20160713_105450Very pretty in here.20160713_105457The water is so clear.20160713_111005Nice house with matching boat house.20160713_111036Another nice boat house.  We could not see the house because of the trees, but I bet it is nice too, based on that boat house.20160713_111725The Adirondack Mountains are so pretty around the lake.20160713_113940This island had a lot of houses.20160713_113945The mountains are beautiful.20160713_114315This is the home of John Henry, owner of the Boston Red Sox.  He has a banner on the chimney for the Red Sox.20160713_114339He has a nice place.20160713_115541Wonderful wooden boats.  That was the end of our 2.5 hour boat cruise of Lake George.

20160713_124223It was after 1:30 by the time we disembarked, so we walked down the street and decided to have a slice of New York pizza.  It was wonderful. Chicken, bacon, ranch pizza.

20160717_141101This place in on Hwy 9 and is always packed.  We will have to try it before we leave, plus it has my mothers name, Martha’s.

Travel Day

July 8, 2016 – Travel Day

I am going to bring everyone up to date, then finish our posts of the Finger Lakes Region.

We left Waterloo, NY around 8:30 AM and headed east on I-90.  It is approximately 204 miles from Waterloo to Lake George. I was told not to go through Albany, but to take a short cut at Amsterdam.  So, of course, I researched it to death before we left.  I checked the Trucker’s Atlas, RV Trip Wizard, Google Maps and Good Sam Trip Planner.  They all gave me the same route.

We get to Balliston Spa, NY, turn right on Malta Ave and we see this bridge.  An overpass that is marked 12′-11″.  STOP!  To our right is a driveway up to a business with what looks like a pretty large parking lot. So we turned into the driveway and up to the business.  There were signs that said “No U Turn” and “Stop”, but what were we supposed to do?  We had no where to go.  Our 5th wheel is 13′-4″ high.

There was a Man standing at the bay door with his fists on his hips and his legs spread wide.  We both got out and the first thing he said was “Did you not see my signs that this is not a turn around?”  We explained about the bridge and he accused me of using a Car GPS.  I explained how much research I had done.  So he loosened up a bit and told us that in New York State, the bridges are 1′-0″ higher than marked unless it saids “Actual”.

Wow, that would have been good to know before we got here.  Anyway, I think he felt sorry for us and got a kick out of our southern accents.  So we shook hands and off we went.  As we were turning around in his parking lot, we cut it a little to close and 20160708_111603BANG – the 5th wheel broke the window out on the truck.  Oh well. Just another day in paradise.20160708_122641Scratched the 5th Wheel too. 20160708_122649

Thank goodness it was not raining and we made under the bridge without an issues.

We drove on to Lake George and checked in to King Phillips Campground.  Interesting, we have arrived a day early.  I don’t know how I got that wrong, but we are not supposed to arrive until July 9, 2016.  I had to tell Cliff that he was Right.  He had asked me the day before if we were to leave on Friday or Saturday.  Boy, the day just keeps getting better.King PhillipsThey staff was nice enough to find us a place for the night.  We got site H-21.  Nice long pull through with 50 amp service.  YEAH!!!  (The reason I am so excited about 50 amp service, is because we have been living with 110 since June 17. Just enough to run the refrigerator and a few fans.) And I Am a 50 amp Princess!!

Once we got set up, we drove around to find the site where we are to move to tomorrow.  First of all, most campground maps are not very good.  This has got to be one of the worst.  We took 4 wrong turns trying to find the correct road.  So finally, through the woods, up a hill, through 2 tight trees and a sharp left turn, and there was the second site.  They called it a pull through, but there is another camper in front of site T-20.  Oh my, there was no way we were getting up to this site and then no way we would have been able to get out.  So back to the office to see what we could do.20160710_103511They were VERY NICE and rearranged some other things and we get to stay here until July 22, 2016.  And that is a Friday.  I hope I don’t get it wrong again.

We were both stressed out and hungry.  We decided Mexican and a Margarita was a good solution.20160708_134542So I searched Trip Advisor and found 2 in Queensbury and Glens Falls.20160708_134619The closest one was La Cosina.  It is really cute, but they do not have a liquor license.  So we headed to Raul’s downtown.  Could not find a place to park.  Texas Roadhouse did not open until 4:00 and it was only 3:15.  So we ended up at Olive Garden and nice cold glass of Chardonnay.20160708_175249We got back to the camp and little guy showed up.20160708_175254He did not seem afraid of people and just hung out for a while.

So that is how my 55th Birthday went.  Still living the dream!!