Otsego and Holland, Michigan

June 8 and June 9, 2016

We left Ludington, MI on Wednesday morning and headed to Norton Shores.  Just south of Muskegon.  Michigan Hwy 31, along the coast of Lake Michigan. You could not see it, but it was there.20160608_073100The windmills are everywhere along the highways.20160608_073106I was just fascinated by them.20160608_085432We got to Discount Tire in Norton Shores.  Very nice people to work with.  We decided to purchase from Discount Tire because they are all over the US.  So if we need them, they won’t be too far away.  If you want to know the story about the tires, here is a link to the post about them once we got to Mackinaw City.20160608_085449We were in and out of there within an hour.  Thanks Discount Tire.  We purchased G614 Goodyear.

On to Otsego, Michigan for a few nights at the Moose Lodge campground.  $20.00 a night with 30 amp service and water.  Not bad.20160608_16293120160608_163038(0)Now how cute is that!!  See the moose in the distance on the left?20160608_132929We got all set up. Look at how low the front end is.  It is almost sitting on the ground, but we are level.  Met a couple of people.  Buddy was nice enough to find us a fire ring and brought it to us.  Then gave us some firewood.  Love these Moose. This is a pretty big campground.  Most are seasonal and hang out here in the summer.  The campground closes mid-October and opens up in mid-April.20160608_153015We decided to go up to the Lodge and thought we were back in Florida. There were more golf carts and 4 wheelers in the parking lot than automobiles.20160608_155636Nice lodge inside.  First beer was free because we had traveled farther than 50 miles.  We had a small camp fire, but it was so cold, we went in early.

Thursday June 9, 2016 – We decided to drive to Holland, MI.  Not sure what is there since the tulips have already bloomed and no longer in season.  It was only 24 miles away.20160609_085926The Boatwerks Restaurant on Lake Macatawa in Holland, MI.  Looks like a great place.20160609_085956The City park downtown. Very nice.20160609_090425Large Heinz plant here.20160609_092751We found Nelis’ Dutch Village.20160609_092226This is the main entrance.20160609_09280420160609_093004Dutch Village Entrance and bell tower.20160609_09304320160609_093500There are statues all over the park with cute signs explaining what life was like in the Netherlands.20160609_093510I took this because I thought it was interesting that a luxury liner was names “Alabama” used in the Great Lakes.20160609_093735Delft Pottery20160609_09372820160609_093753Some of the molds.20160609_093815Beautiful pieces.20160609_094050And all of the shoes.  Found out they went to wooden shoes because leather became extinct.  The cattle all died of foot and mouth disease.  Also, the wooden shoes helped them walk through the marshy lands of the Netherlands.20160609_094217There is a demonstration of how the wooden shoes were made before machinery took over.20160609_094251You can try these on to see what size you wear.20160609_09435120160609_09530720160609_095317This is an old fable.20160609_09531320160609_095423Dutch dancing.20160609_09580720160609_095814Some ducks.20160609_10070320160609_095819Barn20160609_101055The Sheep posed for pictures.20160609_101106An Alpaca hanging out with the sheep.20160609_10112820160609_101138The three little pigs.20160609_101258The little sheep.20160609_101353And goats.20160609_10140320160609_101425These guys were so cute.  You can walk them on a leash.20160609_101444Llama20160609_101522He liked to have his picture taken.20160609_10152320160609_101533This little guy volunteers at the park.  He is home schooled and works with the animals when he can.  He said this llama loves to get hugs.  He was so nice and wanted to give us as much information about the animals as he could.20160609_101640This is a baby goat, 2 weeks old.20160609_101549And this is his mother.20160609_101737Old water fountain surrounded by beautiful flowers.20160609_101946The 12 Provinces of the Netherlands.20160609_102010They wore different clothing in each province.20160609_102032And different colored wooden shoes.20160609_102014This was a miniature of a village.  The windmills were used to grind grain.20160609_102148Skies.20160609_10215320160609_102445All the clocks. They were so pretty.  This was a nice visit and we learned some about the Dutch.  We met a woman in the gift shop whose grandparents were one of the first settlers here in Holland in the late 1800’s.


Something different about these trucks.20160609_115203We have seen these trucks all over Michigan.  Check out all the wheels.

20160609_115400Then we came across the Haworth Headquarters.  This is the furniture I used to purchase for my projects.  Been using the furniture for almost 20 years.20160609_115403I wish we could have gone on a tour.

Map of MichiganWell, I think we have done as much damage to Michigan as we can.  The pink line shows where we have driven and the yellow highlights are where we stayed. (Except for Sault Ste.Marie, I got carried away.)  We did not make it to the thumb of mitten, but we think we hit the highlights in the rest of the state.  We did miss Traverse City, so we might have to make that another trip.

Tomorrow we are heading to Huron, Ohio for a mini-reunion with Table 7.  Safe travels!