May 16 – ??20160516_074451Crossing the new bridge from Kentucky to Indiana20160516_074459Cool bridge20160516_090512I saw this and thought Cliff had turned around somewhere20160516_151144We made it to Lagrange, Indiana. Twin Lakes RV Service.  Jay does warranty work for DRV when they are full. Tomorrow, Jay will put this rig in his shop and we will have to get a hotel room for a few days.20160516_151640Indiana has some rough roads, especially I-69 north of Indianapolis.  We just got this painting back from the artist, Pam Turner and we hung it while we were in Nashville.  The command stripes we used to mount it passed the road test.  It was still on the wall when we got to Lagrange.  Yeah!20160516_164939We had dinner at Howe Restaurant in Howe, IN.20160516_17005720160516_172419Largest serving of chopped steak I think I have ever seen.  Very good food, but they give you a lot of it.  If you are ever in the area, look them up.  Howe is right at the border of Michigan and Indiana.

Tuesday May 17, 201620160516_174228Since Twin Lakes RV Service has our 5th wheel, we decided to go sightseeing in Lagrange and Shipshewana, Indiana.  Large Amish community.20160516_174953_001Buggy parking at the Courthouse in Lagrange.20160517_084505We went looking for Lambright Comfort Chairs because we have 2 recliners and we thought we might want to add the folding tables.  I am the one that does all the googling and trying to figure out the directions.20160517_084345When I told Cliff to turn down this road, he hesitated.  “Are you sure?”20160517_084313Just a little ways up the dirt road, there it is.  They make the best recliner we have ever sat in. We had a nice visit with the owner.20160517_100347Check out the lighthouses with solar lights in the top.20160517_100355Shopping at the Eash Market.20160517_10033920160517_101258Then it was off to the Shipshewana Flea Market.  We have heard a lot about it.20160517_102840It was great.  Very cool stuff.20160517_145552Then we drove to Centreville, Michigan.  This is where Larry and Teresa live.  They were our neighbors in Bushnell, Florida this past winter.  This is where he keeps his rig. Yes, it was rainy and cold.20160517_145557They have a beautiful farm.20160517_153442We met up with Justin and Wanda, also our neighbors in Bushnell.  They took us to Curly’s in Colon, Michigan.  It was burger night.  We really enjoyed our visit with these new friends.20160517_15443220160517_180233We saw our first covered bridge.

Wednesday May 18, 2016

We took a tour of the DRV Mobile Suites plant.  Did not learn very much and forgot to take a picture.  We also went to Menno-Hof, the Amish and Mennonite Story.welcomeThe Mennonites, Amish and Hutterites come from the Anabaptist movement that began during the Reformation in 16th-century Europe.  The word “Anabaptist” means to “rebaptize”. This name was attached to a group of believers who called for voluntary, adult baptisms at a time when the state allowed only infant baptism.  The Anabaptist movement began in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1525.  The Anabaptist were violently persecuted by Catholic and Protestant authorities who considered their stance both heresy and treason.  If you ever get a chance to take this tour, it is worth every penny.  The Amish and Mennonite communities in Northern Indiana built this building in 6 days.

20160519_092916The sun came out and we drove around the area.  This is the best cheese around.  We were told there was a cheese factory tour here, but there are just 2 windows that look into where the cheese is made.  No one there to tell anything about the process.  It was still very interesting.20160519_111453This is called a Quilt Garden.

Thursday May 19, 2016

5th wheel still in the service center.20160519_112045We drove to Middlebury and picked up a CD for the Heritage Trail.  You drive through this beautiful country and listen to the CD about each town and history of the area.  Very well done and worth the drive.  We stopped at Amish Acres and walked around.20160519_112032They have a playhouse, but we did not have time to stay for the play.  This is an historic farmstead with guided tours.20160519_113242Amish Acres is in Nappanee, IN.20160519_113754They offer buggy rides.20160519_113855It is beautiful country up here.  Pictures just don’t do it justice.20160519_175727Then it was off to dinner with Jack and Carla at The Blue Gate Restaurant.  It is such a small world.  We met Jack and Carla in Bushnell also and they are spending the summer in Shipshewana.  They are building a house in Centreville, right down the road from Larry and Teresa. 20160519_175735Dinner was excellent and we really enjoyed our visit.  Jack and Carla are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.20160519_17574920160521_154331There are very large farms everywhere.

Friday May 20, 2016

After I had a small melt down at Twin Lake RV Service, because the slide is still not fixed and we have been here for 5 days, we moved to a campground for the weekend.20160522_130224We got our home back.  It felt really good to have it back.

Saturday March 21, 201620160521_190024We checked in at RVillage and met some new friends.  They are from California and are traveling the US.  We learned so much from them in one evening.  It was great. David and Kathi.  Cliff got ready to show him his Indian name and he knew it before he ever saw the sign.  We hit it off right away.20160521_190035It is the weekend in the campground and there is golf cart parade.

Sunday March 22, 201620160522_085724I went for a walk around the campground and saw these beautiful wild flowers.20160522_08573720160522_090036The campground is on a small lake.20160522_09004420160522_172514This is Harry.  He rocks!20160522_182106Then they invited us to eat with them. Kathi made this wonderful dinner.20160522_182112Martha Stewart’s Fried Chicken20160522_182115And a wonderful pasta salad.  I provided the napkins.  My kind of meal.


Monday May 23, 2016

We were supposed to be camping today in Ludington, MI, instead we are still in Howe, IN waiting on DRV to get our slide fixed.  One of the warranty guys from the plant, a tech and our buddy Jay came by this afternoon and looked at it.  Jay said he will get us in his shop on Wednesday and hopefully get it fixed in one day.  We still have a few items that are not complete inside the 5th wheel.  So we are still here and not sure when we get to leave.

Until next time. Cheers!!