56th Annual Escapade

July 24 – 29, 2016

Essex Junction, Vermont20160722_094508The country side of Vermont.  We rode on the red road heading north in Vermont.20160722_09451420160722_095943View of the Adirondack Mountains in the distance.20160722_100043Lots of solar panels on the farm.20160722_122228This big guy pulled in and parked 3 spots down from us.20160722_122231They had a lot of people helping everyone park.  It was very well organized and everyone was so friendly and excited about the rally.20160723_075918By Friday afternoon, there were a lot of people here.  More coming in on Saturday and Sunday. This is the area with hook ups.  The boondockers had their own section and so did the Escapers.  Our next door neighbors (Regis and Cindy) are from Floral City, FL, right down the road from Bushnell, FL.  They just sold their bicycle shop in Floral City.20160723_080215We also met Phil and Judy from Arizona.  They are full timers and have a dog statue on a lease.  We love this idea.  The dog even has a water bowl.20160723_080537They also have a small mailbox, so if they are not home, you can leave them a note.

Saturday July 23, 201620160723_085552Registration begins. We got a bag of goodies and the program for the week.  They also gave us a pocket guide with all the events and classes.  This was very handy.20160723_093436Look at the cute table decorations. That is Regis and Cindy on the other side of the table.20160723_143408Then a big rain storm came through, so we stayed in the main hall.20160723_143511It lasted about an hour.20160723_191645Then we got this.20160723_19173020160723_192442It was a beautiful way to end the day.

Sunday July 24, 201620160724_140413Opening ceremony.  There are about 700 rigs and over 1,400 people here.20160724_140433The woman to the right of the podium is Kay Peterson. She and her husband, Joe, started the Escapees RV Club.  To the right of her is Bob and Molly, the Escapade Directors for the last 5 years.20160724_143543This is Travis Carr, the new President of Escapees.  His mother Cathie Carr (behind the podium) turned over the gavel to Travis at this ceremony.  On the far left is Melanie, Travis’ wife and now Vice-President.20160724_150046Kay told some really good stories about her travels with Joe.  She was hilarious.20160724_183332Big crowd.20160724_183745They had some good entertainment. This was Jimmy Travis, singer and comedian.  He was very funny.

Monday, July 25, 2016

They had 3 sessions in the mornings, starting at 8:30 and 2 sessions in the afternoon.  Each session had 4-5 classes to pick from.  They had classes like, Investing Strategies for RVers, RV to Alaska, Maximizing Mobile Connectivity, Estate Planning, Tire Safety, Fire & Life Safety, Driving Your RV Safely, Disc Brake Conversions, Understanding RV Electrical System and much more.20160728_073845Geeks on Tour” did 6 different classes.  I went to 4 of them.  They were awesome.  I learned so much from them about wifi and mobile connectivity and Google Photos.  They were great.  “Technomadia” was here too, but they were here as Attendees, not presenters.

20160726_180934Then at 4:00 everyday, Paul Evert’s RV Country, threw a free happy hour with snacks.  It was a different theme everyday. Margarita Mondays was a hit.  Paul Evert’s RV Country is from California.  They brought at least 20 motorhomes to this Escapade, and we heard they sold 10. From left to right, Colleen (Frank is still working at the RV), Carl and Cheryl, Bunny (don’t know where Eric is), me and Cliff.20160726_102353They had a lot of vendors and they were there all day for 5 days.  We bought too much.

Thursday, July 28, 201620160728_103002On Thursday they had a dog parade and Closing ceremony.20160728_180617And a farewell party.  This is Phil and Judy, the couple we met on the first day we were here.  They are full timers from Arizona. They almost have us convinced to try boondocking.20160728_180629Colleen and Frank, Escapers, Frank still has a full time job, but works from the RV.20160728_180654Carl and Cheryl from Connecticut.20160728_183139Byron and Nancy. He sang “Laura” to me.20160728_192012from left: Judy, Phil, Cindy, Regis, Carl, Frank, Cheryl, Colleen, Cliff, me and some woman that wanted to photo bomb our picture. We don’t know her.20160728_192929on the far right is Bunny and Eric. They are also Escapers.20160728_194317Bunny, Colleen, me, Cheryl and Judy.20160728_194634Another beautiful sunset on the last night.20160728_200203Byron wanted to teach us how to make the perfect martini.  He and Nancy invited us to their motorhome for a demo.20160728_200247Their cat came out to see what all the ruckus was about.20160728_200337He is a Perfecto with the martinis.20160728_201508(0)Carl and Frank.  It was Carl that got us this invitation to learn how to make martinis. Thanks Carl and Byron.20160728_201511Frank and Judy.20160728_201707Cheryl, Bunny and Colleen.

It was a great week.  Table 7, you should have been here.  You would have loved it.  Maybe another year.

We learned a lot, met some great people and are ready for a rest.  Off to Maine.